Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Axton got to meet his cousin, Brooklynn, for the first time in October. He seemed so much smaller than her at the time so it will be fun to see them together at Christmas. From the sounds of it Axton is a bit fatter than her! Axton loves to be in his crib watching his mobile go round, especially the soccerball. It doesn't take him too long though to figure out that he is being put down for a nap and then he cries for a few minutes!
He doesn't like binkies but he sure does love his thumb! When going to bed he sticks his thumb in and then either rubs his head or holds his ear with his other hand until he falls asleep. It's so cute!
Daddy has become obsessed with camo and couldn't resist these overalls. When we first bought them they were huge but the chunker is growing into them fast! At his last doctors appointment he was almost 13 lbs and 23 in. long!
Axton loves to spend time with Daddy since he gets plenty of time with Mommy!! He is very aware of his surroundings and is amazing us all the time. He has managed to flip over several times already and we don't think it will be long until he is doing it regularly. Not bad for only being 2 months old!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

For some reason this one got deleted from the other post so here is a picture of Axton in his tux for his baby blessing.
We can't get over how big his yawns are!! He is soo cute!! We are enjoying all of his little facial expressions and are looking forward to getting his smiles on camera! Axton was blessed on the 30 of September. He looked so cute in his little tux that his Grammy bought for him.

Axton was blessed on the 30th of September even though he was only two weeks old. We decided to do it this way so that most of our families could be there for it. He looked so cute in his little tux that Grammy bought for him.

Even though we got to leave the hospital Axton was confined to his Billibed for 4 more days. He didn't like it much and neither did we. We were glad to finally be rid of it!