Saturday, May 31, 2008

Disneyland Photos

We went to Disneyland recently for a "reunion" with Greg's immediate family. There were 15 of us in all. We left Wednesday and came home Saturday. Thanks to Greg's parents it was a blast. We were lucky enough to stay in the California Adventure Hotel which made it so much easier for all of us with kids since it is right there next to Disneyland. Kim, Greg's sister, made everyone t-shirts with their team name. Shari and Don were Team Dorkis; Brad and Corina were Team Schrute (from The Office); Kim and Josh were Team Pink; we were Team Sexy (bet you can't guess who came up with that!); and then Jeff, Katie, and Melanie were Team Single. It was so much fun and we quickly learned it was easy to find everyone if we got seperated. The other 2 days weren't so easy.

Axton got to meet all sorts of characters, not that he has a clue as to who or what they are but it was fun for us.

Axton was such a champ through all of it. We took him on all the rides we could and he did so good. He didn't cry at all. He was pretty fascinated with all the lights and noises. I could believe how loud most of the rides were but it didn't phase him. This picture was on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Axton and Brooklynn were exhausted. Props to Grandma and Grandpa who got them both to sleep while we were all on a ride. They have the magic touch.

Greg ordered ribs at one of the restaurants we ate at and Axton thought they looked really yummy!! We gave him one to chew on and he was in heaven until we took it away when we left.

We had a great time at Disneyland and we owe all the thanks to Shari and Don who made it all happen for each and everyone. They do so much for all of their kids and grandkids. I couldn't have asked for better in-laws.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

8 months old and conquering the world!

Man, he just isn't content to stick with one thing. He has conquered crawling, so then he decided to take on the stairs. He can go up them but not down. Once he discovered that, he was on to standing up. He is great at pulling himself up on things which means I am in even more trouble. The kid didn't even give me a chance to get used to him being mobile. If he starts walking soon I am going to be in over my head!! Unfortunately he isn't very stable so he hits his head on everything when he falls over. Last night we put him in his crib and he didn't know how to let go so he started screaming until we laid him back down. We played that game for about an hour and then he ended up smacking his head really hard on the back of the crib when he let go of the side so we decided to break out the port-a-crib hoping there were less things for him to get his little hands on and maybe a little softer on his head. Luckily it worked. He doesn't know how to climb on it since there isn't really anywhere to grab with in his reach. So we'll see how long he ends up in the port-a-crib for.

He's a busy one!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just a quick update. We are on what feels like our first real vacation since we got married 2 1/2 years ago. For once I didn't have to try and get time off or leave after work just to have to come back two days later in time to return to work that day. That in and of its self is such a great joy! We will be gone for 10 days! Yes count them and weep! 10 whole days of not cleaning a house or working! I know it's pathetic that I'm so excited over that! Anyways, we are in San Diego. Jeff, Greg's brother, came home on Friday from his 2 year mission service for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was so great to see him that night. Since I have only been in the family for a little over 2 years it will be so nice to actually get to know him better since I feel so close to the rest of the family. On Wednesday we, meaning Greg's family, are all going to Disneyland until Saturday. I am so excited although it will be weird since we have something attached to us at all times (Axton). We won't be able to run from line to line with no cares. Instead we will all have to trade off our children so we can all enjoy the rides. I never thought I would be so excited for Dumbo! I can't wait to see Axton's face since he has never been around anything like this! He should be in heaven though since there will be so many people and things to look at, not to mention that he is thrill seeker! On that note, we have experienced some firsts! Axton has managed to fall off a bed and a couch all in the same day! We won't talk about who was responsible for them (ok I can only take credit for one)! I don't think he knew what to make of it but he's a trooper, and for a first time mom I have to say I handled it pretty well too! He also managed to go up stairs which he hasn't ever really been around. He just knew they were in his way! That boy insists on standing up and has learned to pull himself up to a standing position. That now has lost it's interest so he has one up-ed it and lets go. Thank goodness for diapers with padding or he would have one sore bottom! He does some pretty cool rolls though when he falls in a different direction that expected! I love being a mom and seeing how much he changes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About Us

WHERE DID YOU MEET? BYU baby. Same apartment building (Glenwood aka Glenhood cause it's getto!) and he was the fresh meat in the ward.

WHAT WAS THE FIRST THOUGHT THAT WENT THROUGH YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU MET? He's pretty cute and from what I hear he's single. Just maybe..... Greg's thought- she looks like my sisters, NO WAY IN HECK!! Oh little did he know and the last time I would ever be right according to him.

DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT HE WAS WEARING? Pretty sure it was kakhi shorts and a teeshirt (red maybe) with DC shoes.

WHERE WAS THE FIRST PLACE YOU KISSED THIS PERSON? On the Y Mountain in Provo at about 2am!

HOW DID HE ASK YOU OUT? Well that's a long story. The short version- he took out my roommate a few times and she wasn't interested in that way so I figured game back on! I went over to his apartment, he hit me in the head with a football, we smacked each other a few times with plastic golf clubs, and got in an ice cream fight. He called me the next morning to let me know I had given him a bruise and later while texting he asked if he could see me again that night. The rest is history.

WHERE DID YOU GO FOR YOUR FIRST DATE? We left on the date around 9pm due to work schedules. We went bowling, maybe grabbed some fast food, and then set out to start a campfire only it was closed since it was almost 11pm. But we weren't ready to call it a night so we drove around for a while in his camaro with the top down, trying to act cool! Then decided to hike the Y Mountain (notice the answer above :), he was a quick one!!).

HOW LONG DID YOU KNOW THIS PERSON BEFORE YOU BECAME A COUPLE? Well it all happened so fast that we never really became a couple. But I guess I would say within the first week since that weekend we went to Idaho for seperate reason but he ended up meeting the fam, we exchanged the "L" word, and on the drive home we talked marriage! Yep BYU couple through and through!

HAS THIS PERSON EVER PROPOSED TO YOU? Sure did, the evening of August 19th 2005. We went to Las Vegas, once again for seperate reasons. I didn't think he even had the ring yet. We went to the Stratosphere and rode the rides on top. Then went to dinner at the fancy restaurant there that spins 360 degrees while your eating for a great view of the strip and city. I was so oblivous to everything. We even had to go through a metal detector to get into the restaurant and I didn't even notice the ring. Then when it was time for dessert he had mentioned wanting an ice cream sunday thing, but ended up ordering chocolate cake. I thought it was odd but once again didn't think too much of it. Then they brought it out with a lid on and placed it in front of me. Still not getting it I tried to give it to Greg since he was the one who wanted it but was encouraged to open it instead and so I did and about died of shock! It was great! Oh yeah and he left a message on my mom's answering machine at work, since he hadn't been able to get a hold of her, letting her know that he was going to propose to me in a few minutes and hoped that she had no objections. Classic!

DO YOU AND THIS PERSON HAVE KIDS TOGETHER? One amazing and handsome little boy Axton. Hopefully we'll have about 5 more like him, and if Greg gets his way, one on the way very soon! Yikes!

HAVE YOU EVER BROKEN THE LAW TOGETHER? Not together but he's good at doing it by himself!

WHEN WAS THE FIRST TIME YOU REALIZED YOU LIKED THIS PERSON? From the minute I saw him and it was solidified when he hit me in the head with a football! I've got all brothers, what do you expect?

DO YOU GET ALONG WITH THIS PERSON'S EX'S? Well.... one of them glares at me everytime she sees me, which shouldn't be too often now that we have moved from Provo. As for the rest, I haven't met them, yet. I'm not worried though because we're happy and have a great life together.

WHAT'S THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING THIS PERSON HAS GIVEN YOU? My everyday life style. Before him I was a poor college student barely making ends meet. He was a pretty wealthy student with a great paying job. Now Axton and I suck all his money away.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING THIS PERSON DOES THAT GETS ON YOUR NERVES? Only ONE?! Probably his constant need to smack my butt as hard as he can, as often as he can.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU DO THAT GETS ON HIS NERVES? Well, now it's that I play the Wii! I'm addicted, but it should wear off in a few weeks! Normally though I would say it's that I get stressed and worriedt about stupid things such as "should I have bought that?" or "what if we can't get the time off". I think all women worry far more than we should. Luckily now that I'm not working I don't have to stress over a lot of the things I used to. Now I can pack up and go when ever I want to for as long as I want to!

WHERE DO YOU SEE EACH OTHER 15 YEARS FROM NOW? Still happily married with a crazy life cause of those 6 kids we will have had in a 10 year span! I'm sure we'll either be here in Arizona or somewhere around San Diego, sorry Mom.

Well I hope we have entertained you all for a while. While it might sound crazy, that's how we Leavitts do it! Tag your it. I want to know all of your juicy tidbits!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We got the internet, can you tell!!! I can finally update my blog as much as I want to and show off my wonderful little family!! Just some updates. Greg loves his job. He gets along really well with his boss and is finally starting to do things other than just sit around. He is so grateful that this job came along because he has decided that if he had been estimating like he would have been in Las Vegas, he would have gone nuts. Not to mention the fact that he gets to go golfing, or putting, everyday during lunch and at least once a week after work. Can we say SPOILED!! Actually I am the one that is spoiled. I love being a stay at home mom. Working for Hillside was a great experience and it allowed me to stay home as well but I was so tied down!! I love being able to go shopping, swimming, go to the park, etc. whenever I want to and I don't have to worry about getting time off anymore. Plus I don't have to worry about being interrupted when I am spending time with Axton whether it is reading, singing, or anything else. I was afraid that I wouldn't know what to do with myself all day long but we have been so busy. It helps that we have family here because they have kept us busy and gotten us really involved by introducing us to people. The church here is great! We have already met so many people. Without the church I would have been more nervous to move but the church makes it so easy. Since it is a universal church, meaning anywhere you go it is set up the same, we knew exactly what to expect and we know how to get invovled. Every Thursday is Park Day so I am so excited for that and the Relief Society does so many activities. Also we are getting our very own temple right here in Gilbert!! It's within a few miles of where we live so we are way excited for that. I am trying to do family genealogy right now and the new family history site is amazing. I hope everyone gets to use it soon because it makes everything so much easier. Axton is growing up so fast. I haven't decided how I feel about it yet. I am excited that he is learning to be mobile but now I feel like I have to vacuum 3 times a day because he always find something to put in his mouth. And I'm also learning I have to be careful about where I put things. Since he has learned he can crawl bedtime has become a bit of a nightmare. He used to be so easy to put to sleep but now he rolls over as soon as he hits the mattress and moves about in his crib. We have to constantly go in and check on him becuase he gets body parts stuck in random places and can't figure out how to get them out. Sometimes when we go in there we don't see him right away because he is curled up in a corner sleeping. And he has decided he wants to wake up at 6 every morning instead of 8 and he wants to go to bed later as well. I'm not sure if it is him growing up or all of his teeth that are coming in that are causing his sleep problems. I will be glad when he is no longer teething though. Well that is our life up to this moment. Hope all is going well in your lives and we hope to hear from all of you soon. For those of you that have blogs, I check them almost daily now so keep posting new pictures. We love to see what is happening in your lives since we know things can get pretty hectic.

A Day At The Park

Right before we left Provo we decided it was time for Axton to learn what a park is. He wasn't so sure of the whole swing idea since he never really liked his in the house. Since being Arizona we have gone a few more times and he decided that he really likes the swing. I can't wait for him to get a little older so he can go down slides and run around.