Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yep another review of some products I tried, and really LOVED! I am a bzzagent which means that on occasion I receive products for free and then get the great opportunity to share what I discovered about the product with others. I also get coupons so let me know if you want any!

This time I received a spring cleaning kit. It had scrubbing bubbles mega shower foamer! I had never used this before and was very happy with the results. I didn't think it had too strong of a smell but it worked great! Axton's tub always gets a dirty ring around it and sometimes it can be a pain to get all of the dirt and grime off but not with this! I sprayed it on, let it sit for a minute or two and then wiped it off. Everything was white and sparkling again, no elbow grease needed. I am definitely sold. I would probably buy this even if it wasn't on sale, but I can't promise because I like my cheap/free cleaning products.

Another product I received was the scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel. Another new found love. I have never tried any of these type of products before either. I think I put one on Axton's toilet about 3 weeks ago and it is almost gone now. They say it last for a week so we must not use our toilets as much as the normal household because they still smell great and the bowls are still clean. I have only had to clean the outside of the toilet during that time which I love! His toilet is almost always clean now with no help from him! And very little help from me. It also makes the whole bathroom smell clean, which I personally love. I have now used it on ours as well, almost 2 weeks now and still going strong. This too I will most likely buy again in the future as long as it isn't ridiculously expensive.

Other items I got was Pledge, which I haven't used. We don't have very many wood things in our house. And we also received from Glade the oil fragrance plug into the wall thing. I didn't like the smell of the one they sent so I don't even know what happened to it, but I have used other scents by them in the past. And then Glade also sent a candle which again I didn't really like the scent and it disappeared as well. Greg may have had a hand in those disappearing since he really didn't like their smell!

So overall I liked or have used similar products from these companies in the past. I was very happy to find the shower foam and the toilet gels. The others are things I use but not very often. Again let me know if you want a coupon, they're around here somewhere!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Candy

Since being pregnant I feel like I don't do very much with Axton. So today I thought I felt up to doing something fun with him. I decided to make chocolate covered pretzels but not the easy way. We got some molds last year that are easter themed- eggs, baskets, bunnies, and butterflies. I always bite off more than I want to chew. Being me I wanted to bring out the details of the molds which made what could have been a half hour, easy project into a 2+ hour project. And the 3 year old didn't care what they looked like as long as he got to eat as we went and of course the final product. Since it was just the two of us I only got pictures of the end product. It was fun to do but next time I'll remember Axton's age and make them more simplistic!

Tonight- easter eggs, and maybe on Saturday easter cookies. The problem is Axton eats most of the goodies we make, with a little help from me, and NO help from Greg. More sugar isn't what my child (or myself) needs. This is why I need lots of children!

Last Saturday

Last Saturday was a packed day for us. Greg left bright and early to go play golf for "work". His partner and him won 1st place so he got a golf club and sunglasses with the "money" he won (they had to use it at the gift shop). But it is one less thing for us to have to buy.

We had house guests that weekend too so Aunt Melanie got to tag along with us most of the day while Katie, Spencer, and Thomas were busy helping with a friend's wedding. Mel went with me to Axton's soccer game. Only 4 kids showed up, and they play 3 on 3 so it was interesting. Especially when 2 of the kids who came won't even play. It was pretty much Axton and another boy Aiden out on the field and getting them to stay out there was quite the feat. Axton got bribed with donuts and swimming but they were already planned so I don't feel too bad!

After the game we did the bribes. Bought donuts on the way home, and then went swimming with some of the cousins. It was Vanessa birthday so we were glad we got to see her for a little bit. She turned 7! The water was freezing but Axton still had fun. We discovered we need to invest in pool toys since we will be there a lot this summer! Anyone with a pool feel free to invite us over anytime!

After swimming was a very late, and short, nap. We had our ward easter party at 5 so we didn't get to sleep for too long. It was a "bring your own picnic dinner (aka fast food for us)" and then they had cupcakes to decorate, and then they did an egg hunt. They split the older and younger kids to look for eggs. Axton qualified for the younger area, and looking back on it we should have gone with the big kids to make it last longer and be a little more fun/difficult since Axton definitely gets the concept this year.

The kids were told they could "find" 5 eggs so when Axton started grabbing every one within his reach I got the job of intervening. Unfortunately he didn't like that rule but quickly forgot when we told him he could eat the candy out of all of them and promises of more easter egg hunts to come.

Today at school he got to do an easter egg hunt that he said was much more fun, mostly because it was harder. Wish I had been there to see it. But we'll have one more on Saturday with at least some of the family and I promised him it would be even harder! Nothing like recycling candy for several egg hunts, oh yeah and they'll go in his easter basket afterwards too!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby's Room

I don't know why I torture myself with painting ideas but I never seem to learn my lesson. They are always so much more work than I expect and half way through I get bored and don't want to finish. So with baby girl's room I gave myself one week to get it finished and put back together. Greg painted on Saturday between conference sessions. Then that night I drew on all of the flowers. I decided to save time and just do them free hand instead of trying to trace like I did the bathroom. I think they turned out quite well, just don't look too closely! Then I spent Mon-Thurs painting them. Some could have used a second coat but truthfully I just couldn't make myself paint anymore. Saturday we (meaning I) went through the closet and got everything organized so that when she comes we'll know right where things are. Her closet is no longer a smorgasbord of random items. Baby stuff only!

We will add her name in wood letters above her bed once we get closer to the day. I think we have agreed on one but Greg says that's only because he hasn't thought of a better one, YET! We'll see what happens. I also need to make her curtains but I think that will have to wait until my mom comes up when she's born so I have someone to help guide me through it all.