Thursday, June 26, 2008

When we were at Disneyland we bought this Tigger for Axton. I loved it because it is so soft, and obviously Axton thinks so too! Everytime he touches it he feels the need to lay on it, I think it is so cute. Sometimes he lays in the funniest positions just so his face can touch it, and the thumb has to go in the mouth at the same time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Greg!!

So lots of mom's keep journals on the funny things their kids do and say. I on the other hand am going to keep a journal on the the things Greg says in his sleep. As most of you know Greg loves to go to bed around 9pm, 9:30 if I'm lucky. I on the other hand love the quite time and could stay up til midnight, I don't but I could! Well the other night I just wasn't ready to go to bed when Greg did so I joined him later. When I got into bed this was our conversation:

Greg: Do you want me to consent to that?
Bree: Consent to what?
Greg: Hanging it on that wall.
Bree: Yeah, but what are we hanging?
Greg: Bargains.
Bree: Bargains?
Greg: Yeah, what's wrong with that?
Bree: Nothing
Greg: Ok then, bargains....... bargains

Yeah, no idea where any of that came from but apparently we are hanging bargains of some sort. This is a regular thing in our house and I always get a kick out of the random things Greg says in his sleep. The best is when he gets annoyed with me because I don't know instantly what he is talking about or if I don't think he is making perfect sense. Oh ya gotta love him!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

All About Axton

Axton just turned 9 months old, how quickly time flies. Greg and I were reflecting back and I thought we'd share a few things.

Axton's loves in life-
1. His daddy coming home from work- he definately knows when he's been gone way too long.
2. Climbing on the couch and anything else, I'll put a video up of it one of these days.
3. Any food as long is it is warm, he likes mooching food from anyone who has anything!
4. Books and Music
5. Water- bathtime, pool time, puddles, the toilet, anything.
6. His cousins Vanessa and Daniela because they give him soooooo much attention and share their toys with him, although they may not like to!
7. Kisses- from anyone
8. Being chased around the house, or church.
9. Being scared, except by the vacuum.
10. People, he will gladly smile at anyone, just about everytime.

Axton's Hates-
1. THE VACUUM! He climbs all over me when he sees it, and when it's on he has a major melt down.
2. Cold foods- just like his daddy only one of them is getting better, and it's not Greg.
3. Diaper changes, or maybe I hate them!
4. Getting dressed, he prefers his birthdate suit.
5. Having things taken away from him, usually with the word NO following it.
6. Naps... it's actually a love-hate relationship.
7. Not getting attention.
8. Not being able to get into the kitchen- gates are great!
9. Being restrained- carseat, high chair, changing table, etc.
10. Getting his nose wiped when he has a cold.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sorry I had to post it though!!

So Axton has been feeling a little under the weather and then he managed to give whatever it is to me, so I too have been feeling like crap. Since he has been all stuffed up he has had a hard time taking naps and when he does fall asleep they haven't been very long ones. So I have decided to let him cry it out a little in hopes that he'll fall back asleep. Well today I was talking to Kim, my sister-in-law, when Axton woke up early once again. After listening to him whimper/cry for about 10 minutes I decided to go see if he was ok. The first thing that hit me was the smell, then this is what I saw.......

Yep, I made the mistake of leaving a dirty diaper on his changing table and he discovered it. Was he trying to tell me something... maybe that when he's awake he's awake, or how about I want my room scrubbed from floor to ceiling!!! Well whatever the message I got it loud and clear! There was poop all over his face, hair, arms, legs, and clothes. He even got to taste it, lucky him. As I looked closer he managed to get it on 3 out of 4 sides of his crib, the wall, his blanket, and the floor. I was thoroughly disgusted as I am sure you all are now!!

Someday I know I will laugh about this and enjoy embarassing him in front of his friends when I pull out the pictures but today is simply not that day. I told Greg I was going to wait for him to clean it up but I'd be waiting a very long time. He told me he was going to go golfing if that was the case. So whoever says that being a stay at home mom is glamorous and easy obviously hasn't ever had to deal with this!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice Cubes?

Greg decided it was time for Axton to learn about ice cubes. Actually we just wanted him to entertain us for once, and boy did he! Don't mind the noise in the background. I was playing Mario Galaxy on our Wii! I was addicted until I beat it.

He Got It!!

Look, I can color!!

While I was cleaning my house this afternoon, Axton managed to find a pen that was left open on our desk (my bad!). This picture doesn't do it justice though. It was over both legs, arms, and hands. Luckily he only colored himself but it is such an eye opener to what the little terror can do. Oh the things that await us as he gets older.