Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I grew up playing softball, and my younger brother was way in to baseball, so I always knew I wanted my children to at least try it. In Idaho (and most of the US) you play this lovely sport in the spring/summer, so when this summer came I decided to sign Axton up and he got lucky because his cousin Brooklynn got to sign up with him! Needless to say baseball is not a sport we will be playing again in the summer in AZ if I can help it! I think next summer we'll try basketball since it's indoors!

But here are a few pictures of him and Brooklynn at one of their first games. At first Axton wasn't so sure he liked us taking his pictures but he quickly warmed up to it and became a ham. I love this boy's faces.

If we could combine Axton's high swing and Brooklynn's low swing I think we'd have us a great hitter!

And I just love this one of Brooklynn!

But they both have done very well, even if Axton likes to play with the grass while he sits and waits for his turn to bat or gets mad when he doesn't get the ball.

It's almost the end of the season, 1 more game to go, and I'm still not sure if he likes it or not. I'll put him in it again come this winter/spring when it's a lot cooler and see if that makes a difference. Right now I think he just hates being hot, sweaty, and itchy. We'll let him decide after the next round if he wants to keep at it.

Soccer begins for him in about 2 months and we are excited for