Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Again

Axton is quite the little color. Too bad it's never on PAPER!! At least I have gotten wiser and the only crayons he can get his hands on are the washable kind for the bathtub, that I forgot we owned.

I was on the phone with my grandpa and Greg was on the phone with the Hartman's finishing up the plans for our trip next week. I thought Axton was in with Greg but then I realized he was being way to quite. I went in where Greg was to see what Axton was doing and he wasn't there. I then hear a noise from the hallway and the bathroom door is shut. I can tell he is in there so I open the door and take him out with it. My wonderful, precious little boy was coloring me a picture on the back of the door. EXCELLENT! Then I see the wall and the toilet. What an artist! I was caught a bit off guard since I was still trying to listen to the phone conversation while having the battle within myself to yell or get the camera. I decided to get Greg first and then take pictures.

Apparently he thought it was time for the bathroom painting to be finished, I've been a huge slacker on it.

Luckily for him he caught me in a good mood and all he had to do was help clean it up. No timeout, no yelling, what a lucky little man. Unfortunately I don't think him having to clean it up was a punishment at all. It could have been worse, like the permanent markers he colored with a year ago, that you can still see in the picture! Yep I'm a slacker, I told you I was.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Does anyone do digital scrapbooking? I am looking to switch over but I don't know what programs people use. I am really into embellishments and all that jazz so smilebox and shutterfly don't really do it for me unless I'm missing something! I have been told to use Photo Shop Elements?! Also do any of you actually print off the pages you do and if so from where? Help!!!! Oh yeah... I don't want to sped my life's savings either!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When we bought our house we knew we wanted a large living room so that we could have lots of people over at one time and socialize. What Greg didn't know or think about was that I had dreams of a very large couch so that we had seating for all of those people. We love having people over, the more the better. I've had an itch to buy this so called couch since we bought our house but went looking on my own knowing Greg would never allow the purchase of a new couch because 1. ours are ok, 2. we don't need to "waste" the money, and 3. kids are just going to destroy it anyways.

So many people around us are buying new furniture which has made my itch for this couch even harder to resist, and then throw in tv ads about discounts and Memorial Day Weekend Sales and I was a goner. Rarely do ads work on me but this time I had to at least go look. Greg for some unknown reason agreed to go "looking" with me and at least get costs of how much my dream couch would be and what the likelihood of it would even be, along with how many years I'd have to save up to get it.

I think I gave away pretty quickly how much I had been thinking about and planning this couch because as soon as we walked in I told the salesman I wanted to see a sectional that could be expanded to make it huge (I wanted the equivalent in size of 2 couchs and 2 loves seats), it had to be dark, not microfiber (our recliners are a pain to keep clean), and it had to have at least two reclining seats pretty close to each other because our beloved recliners would be going in other rooms. And at all of the stores we had ONE option and they all ended up being dark, leather sectionals. I must say everyone was skeptical of the size I wanted but I was adamant.

Greg and I talked a lot about it and he gave in!! Rather easily I may add which is a total shock. While we were buying it I had to keep leaving so I could go sit on the one in the showroom and make sure it really was what I wanted. Up until the time the delivery guys had it assembled I was a total wreck. It's the exact size I wanted (the chairs are oversized so for every 2 chairs it's the same size as our previous couch) and perfect in every way for us. I love it. I am so excited to sit on it, and have people over, knowing that 9-13 people can easily sit on it and be comfortable. I'm also very impressed that it hasn't made our living room seem smaller because this bad boy is 15'x15'.

This is the couch we will have for the next 10-15 years at least, as long as the kids don't get ahold of it. And we won't be moving anywhere in those years either because I don't know if it would fit.

His and her's recliners right next to each other so we can cuddle while watching movies in style.

All of our pens, markers, and scissors are now way beyond Axton's reach. He has already had the "discussion" of what is and isn't ok to do on the new couch, several times. Let's just hope and pray that it holds up!