Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black light + glowing insect = scorpions!!

When we first moved into our house we found a little scorpion outside. Greg decided to look and see if he could find any more using a black light. Luckily we didn't find anymore so we thought we were safe and chalked it up to our backyard being a disaster zone.

Greg has been building me some shelves for our entertainment center (pictures to come) so all of our movies and dvds were on the floor. When he got some of the drawers put in he asked me to put away the movies since I am the one who cares where things go. I picked up a movie and it felt like I had stabbed myself with a piece of broken wood so I moved my finger and then I felt the stabbing again. It was a wonderful bark scorpion (the most venomous of them all!!) and I got stung at least twice but I think it was more like 3 or 4 times. I'd never been stung by one before so I had no idea what it was, had I know I probably would have dropped the movie immediately and started screaming! Instead I let it keep stabbing me while saying "ouch something really hurts".

Greg quickly knew exactly what it was. Needless to say I checked online about them and it says...Bark scorpion stings can cause muscle spasms (yep), random movements and tremors of the neck or eyes, restlessness (yep), anxiety (of finding more!), agitation and sweating(yep), especially in kids. There is often severe pain (check) at the site of a bark scorpion sting but rarely swelling. Malaise, sweating, heart palpitations, rise in blood pressure, salivation, nausea (got that too), vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms should be treated in a similar way to snake bites, and a doctor should be consulted as quickly as possible.
hyperacute (typically allergic) reactions in the form of blurring of consciousness, unconsciousness, convulsions, fall in blood pressure, shock and consequently the threat of death may occur. AWESOME!!

So we called poison control like one website said to and they pretty much blow it off. So either people overreact or they are underreacting! For now though it is pretty miserable. My whole hand and arm feel like I am being stung repeated by bees and poison control says this will probably go on for at least 6 more hours, and the numbness could last for 1-2 days since I got stung a lot. Lets just hope I can sleep tonight.

He may not be very big to you but he is pretty stinking big for around here! We've seen a few at people's houses and this one is the largest yet, or it could just be because he stung me so I think he's huge!

Better me than Axton though so I'll take one for the team. I better not find anymore or I'm going to go crazy.

Update: hand doesn't hurt too much anymore and it was a long night. You try sleeping when your right hand and arm are tingling cause they are numb. Today I can't feel my pointer finger at all along with parts of hand and arm up to the elbow. It's kind of weird and my nerves are in overdrive with the stinging/numb sensation. Please let this end soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing in the rain

I LOVE the rain. It doesn't rain enough around here for me but when it does rain it pours! Our garbage can was still outside and it was being blown across the street into the neighbors yard and Greg wouldn't go get it so I gladly did. Well that made Axton want to go out too and since I was already wet I decided... what the heck!

My favorite though is that his G-ma Leavitt taught him that cold things are "brrr" along with "shivers". So now when we ask him if he's cold, he balls his hands into fist so tight that he starts to shake and says "brrr" while making some rad faces! I am obsessed with making him do it, poor kid.