Sunday, January 13, 2008


Every Christmas Greg's family opens presents and once that is all done the silly string comes out! Everyone gets at least 2 cans, this year we brought 6 more for us!, and then when we are given the go ahead we all go to town. It is crazy for me to be outside in shorts and no shoes running around like it's the middle of summer! It's a blast though and a way fun tradition that we will be carrying on with our kids even if we live in the frozen tundra!

Having Fun!

Since it's just Axton and I all day I had to try and come up with things to entertain the 2 of us. SO I started doing sit ups with him on me. Every time I come up I make some kind of noise and change it up a bit so he is surprised each time. He loves this game and usually laughs a lot, until we get out the camera.

Also he is very ticklish these days. You can see him rolling onto his side to try and get away from it! Yes, he has finally decided he wants to roll over! He spends most of the time on his side but he can manage to flip to his stomach if he really wants to! We are way excited!

Also we took him swimming for the first time on Saturday and he loved it, minus the water he kept splashing in his face! We are going to try and take him swimming once a week so he gets used to since we will probably be moving to either Henderson or Phoenix and will probably have a pool at either place!

Christmas in San Diego

For Christmas we went to San Diego! The weather was amazing! It was fun to have everyone home, except Jeff who is still on his mission. The one photo is a picture of the siblings and their families. So for those of you who don'tknow them it is Brad and his wife Corina with their 2 girls Daniela and Vanessa. Then it is Kim and Josh with Brooklynn, a month older than Axton. Greg and I with Axton, then Katie and Melanie! The other picture is Greg's grandma and all of her great grandchildren. Axton for Christmas wore his pjs that Grammy bought him and then Grandma and Grandpa (Leavitt) bought him some blocks! I was so excited for them because I had been looking for something similar and couldn't find any. He's too young to play with them still but when he can we will have a blast! And last but not least is a picture of the grandkids in their Charger outfits that Grandma and Grandpa bought for them. (Axton, Vanessa, Brooklynn, and Daniela).