Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kidz Club

For the last month and a half I have been babysitting for greg's sister Kim. I have her two kiddos Brooklynn and JJ (Joshua Justun Jones Jr!) in the morning from about 8-12 M-F and so I am always up for new entertainment for all of us.

One of my friends Kimberly has been posting about their kids club that they go to and so when my friend Jessica told me about one that they do here at our mall I was very excited to take the kiddos and go, but I couldn't do it without her help!

Well I got the times mixed up and ended up at the mall an hour before the thing began so the kids got to play in their new play area. They were in heaven. They could climb and jump on everything without fear of punishment. (We are looking to get Axton something for the backyard that he can climb and play on so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!)

They had a little truck and it's back is a slide.

Jumping off the newspaper, always an Axton favorite.

JJ getting to play without twin 2 year olds bugging him

The kids kept climbing up and over this wall for almost 30 minutes. It was pure heaven for me!

I just like Axton's face here!

When it was finally time to go over the the kidz club event they had a huge colored rug layed out. They were so excited to pick a colored square to sit on.

The stage where most of the sining and dancing is done.

The mascot is a Praire Dog, it took me a while to figure out that's what it was! Brooklynn couldn't get enough of him and took off running a few times to get hugs from him. Axton liked to look but didn't care to much if touched him or not.

We got cinnabons, and then headed home. On the way home Axton fell asleep. One kid down, two more to go!

Overall it was ok but my favorite, and I'm pretty sure the kids' favorite was the play area, or the cinnabons! The club is an hour long, and with 3 kids under 3, not the most enjoyable. All they do is sing and dance. I was hoping it would be a little more varied with different kinds of activities each week like Kimberly's but hey it's something to do. We've back a few times and everytime the experience gets worse and worse. So we'll wait until Kim can come with us before we'll come back.

Yep Still Easter here!

I've been trying to get caught up on everything in life. Watching three kiddos everyday puts me behind a bit, plus I'm a slacker. So I was going through my list of what to blog about along with pictures and couldn't pass up finishing the easter festivities!

Axton was a blast to dye easter eggs with. Although Greg is a slacker, he disappeared when we were making cookies and dying the eggs, and during the easter egg hunt he was slightly preoccupied (another post to come.... someday). But I was impressed with how well Axton picked up the concept and was able to lift the eggs out of the cups with wire thing. He didn't make much of a mess which honestly I'm grateful for!

This one is my favorite!

The finished product:

We had a little easter egg hunt at our house with the 6 Leavitt grandchildren, but no Leavitt grandparents :(. The kids got 12 eggs each to find and it was Axton's first time. He enjoyed all of it thoroughly. And yes, Axton is always running around the house undressed, special occasion or not. One of the down falls to teaching him how to put on and take off his clothes.

Talia eating the "hidden" eggs before all the other kids came out!

The kids sitting down to compare their loot, and of course shove it in their mouths as fast as possible.

In the end it was a great day. Unfortunately Axton decided to only eat candy (and really not that much of it) and refused normal food all day. So he ended up a stomach ache that night and didn't go to sleep until almost 10. Needless to say the easter basket with more goodies in it is still sitting in the closet. I decided to not even go there. Maybe next year.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Boy Bed

I certainly hope we are past the point of cursing myself for saying this but here it goes! Axton has been in a BIG BOY BED for almost 2 months now! The best part... it was a very easy transition! Something has to be since potty training has been a complete disaster!

The first night he stayed in bed for about 2 hours with no fuss. Then being the impatient person I am, was too shocked by how easy it had been, so I decided to check on him to see if it was true. Well he wasn't asleep yet even though it was 10pm and so he started crying after that and wouldn't stop until we gave in and put him in his crib.

So the next day at naptime he went down easily in his big boy bed. But that night he was a little more fussy so Greg laid with him until he fell asleep. He woke up crying half way through the night and I moved him to the crib.

The 3rd day, nap was a piece of cake again, and that night he slept the whole night in his bed. But he still woke up that night crying, we discovered puppy kept falling off the bed and he couldn't find him!

Eventually he learned to keep puppy by the wall and we thought all was well. Then he started waking up again. I decided a nightlight might fix it and it did! Now if he wakes up he can look around and find his puppy or a book and then puts himself back to sleep.

I'm just really glad that he doesn't come to our room in the middle of the night every night (or ever!) and want to sleep with us. He actually has yet to leave his room in the middle of the night which I so appreciate, I like my sleep. He doesn't wander the house, fall out of bed, or do anything that I was afraid he'd do! We've even retired the baby monitor from it's place in the hallway, we can't hear him from our room without it. It's great that he can come to us if he needs too.

The downfall... we never know when he's going to get himself out of bed in the morning. He went from wanting out of his crib around 8 to being by our bed anywhere from 5:30 to 7:30,averaging around 6:00. And he is super full of energy from the get go! He loves to come in and say, "Mommy up too! Get up!" followed by tugging on my arm or lifting up my head to try and get me out of bed. If I don't immediately get out of bed he starts to cry and throw a fit. I love the rare morning sleep-ins now! Who would have thought that I would consider "sleeping in" to be 7am! He is his father's son, those darn morning people!

I let him pick out his own blanket and if you know his phase it shouldn't be any surprise that he went straight for Lightning McQueen! We bought some cute wallpaper border to put up and some pictures. Someday we'll get around to painting it, maybe for his birthday! Guess I should finish his bathroom first, that's only taken me 6 months!

Silence is not always a good thing

Axton is pretty good about not getting into things he's not supposed to, but sometimes he blurs the line of what's allowed and what's not. Recent example (meaning 10 minutes ago)..... markers! Allowed to play with them with mommy or daddy's permission and to color only on paper. Not allowed, coloring on walls, furniture, etc, or himself. I guess I should be glad that he chose to color on himself this time (he's already mastered the walls and recliner)!

This is my favorite. I don't think he actually colored his face, I think when he got sent to time out he cried and wiped his arms on his face. It could almost pass for child abuse, guess he'll have to keep practicing his makeup artist skills!

This is the second major coloring of himself. I guess he's practicing for all those tats he's never going to get, or else Aunt Corina and him have been watching the same shows together ;)LA INK anybody! Sorry inside joke! At least he keeps me on my toes and I can't wait for the reactions at church on Sunday since the last time he colored himself it took almost a week for it to come completely off! Gotta love kids!