Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well we wanted to say thank you to everyone that prayed/fasted for us just over a year ago with the whole baby issue thing. While we didn't get the result we wanted we did feel better about pursuing fertility treatments and we did that for a few months until life got too crazy. Obviously that didn't work. Then in December we felt good about getting certified for foster care, whether we actually would take in a child or not, was very much in the air. But it just created another option for us.

Needless to say the day we started the application process for it, we actually got the wonderful news we had been waiting for for 2 1/2 years. Yes pregnancy tests do work! Even dollar store ones!

When I took the first one I couldn't believe it and started crying. Then got myself together and convinced myself it was a fluke and took another one. This time I was believer! I called Greg and told him he'd be taking a beached whale to Hawaii with him come June, and he said he didn't care, he was so happy that he'd eat the money we've already spent and stay home if we had too! What a man!

We were able to have an ultrasound done right before christmas. How they find those pea sized babies I don't know. Had she not pointed it out I would never have known it was there.

I am so grateful that I've been given the opportunity to carry another baby. All of the stress of life seems to be lifted right now, and some always will be. I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it, although right now praying to the porcelain goddess all day every day is really trying my gratitude and happiness! I am looking forward to getting fat this go around and taking pictures, I only have 2 pictures from Axton :(. I'm also going into this pregnancy knowing that it could be my last and trying to be at peace with that. I'm just so grateful that Axton will have a sibling and that I will get to hold another baby of my own and see Greg with another baby. I can't wait for every milestone again, just like it's our first all over. My heart is full and I want to thank everyone who has been on this wild journey with us and supported us.

Now August needs to get here!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Axton talks a lot when he wants to but can also be very quite. I understand what he's saying, most of the time, but I know not everyone else does. Some of his words sound similar and some I simply can't understand for the life of me and he gets so frustrated by it as do I. So we got him tested through the school district for a speech delay and discovered he has a hard time rounding his lips, like to blow bubbles, so his words don't sound right. He also tends to drop letters when there is more than one consonant so when he says stop, it sounds like sop, or top. He was very borderline on his scores, but they decided to accept him into their preschool program!

I am so glad that we are able to get on top of it before it becomes an issue, although I think he would have been ok either way but he'll for sure see improvement, and that he gets to have so much fun doing it. He gets to go to school at Cortina Elementary 4 days a week for 2 1/2 hours! Best part for Greg is that it's free and for a gauranteed year, best part for me is that I get to run errands without a 3 year old making it take longer than it has too! Best part for Axton: he gets to make friends outside of the neighborhood and ward, he gets to play, he gets to learn and hopefully will talk more clearly so the frustration will go away, he gets to learn how to behave in a school setting, the list goes on and on. He loved his first day and can't wait to go back. I think the weekends will be hard for him.

His first day!

Greg bought the backpack, it has Spiderman, Wolverine, and I think Iron Man? Axton loves it even if he doesn't know who any of the characters are.