Monday, February 28, 2011

Cheap diapers and wipes

A friend, Murielle, let me in on the big secret to buying diapers online. I won't be buying them through Costco anymore unless I'm desperate because I didn't plan ahead! I already got a box of Huggies size 1-2, 192 count, for $15.32 or $0.08 a diaper.

Today I bought LUVS, size 2, 228 count, for $10.58 or about $.05 a diaper, as opposed to $40 for the same amount from the store. And Pampers sensitive baby wipes, 768 count, for $14.69 or $.02 a wipe. Costco wipes are about double that per wipe.

To get these great deals go to In the search type in "subscribe and save in baby". Then select the item you want and to the right there should be a box that has options of delivery every 1,2,3, or 6 months to save 30% on top of what it may already be on sale for (mine were already 10% off). If it doesn't have this box than DON'T get it, pick another one (it has to be sold from in order to qualify). I always select the 6 months and then click on subscribe now. For your first time you will have to sign up for amazon mom so just follow the steps. After that it will remember you and be quicker.

When you get to the check out to the right it will show you your total, you should see FREE shipping (did I forget to mention I don't pay shipping or taxes!!), and then the subscription discount (the 30%), and final cost. So if you do just this much you can easily save 40-50% off normal store prices. But if you want to sweeten the deal read on!

Underneath the final cost it will ask if you have any promotional codes. This is where Parents Magazine (or a few other parenting/baby magazines have it too) comes in. I already have a subscription to Parents, I paid $5 for 5 years so mines almost up and I need to renew, you can find similar deals online. If you don't get them ask friends or look for them when you are at the drs office, or dare I say it buy one at the store although they are more expensive but worth it. Almost every month they have a 4x6 card/flyer in the magazine that says either 20% off diapers or some people report having gotten $10 off your purchase. I've never gotten a $10 one but now that I pay attention it's rare that I don't get a 20% off. Type in the LONG code and click apply. I've been told you can do both the 20% and the $10 off together, but since I've never found a $10 one I have never gotten to try. When you are done you finalize it by clicking on "Sign me up".

Then I wait until I have the order in my hands and then sign back into, click on "your account" on the top right, click on "manage subscribe and save items", and click on "cancel this subscription" and there you have it! Of course you don't have to cancel it if you don't want to, it will continue shipping the same item with the 30% discount until you do.

And its the same day and my diapers have already shipped! Good luck to all of you in saving money on the things you need (or want)!