Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friday Greg graduated at 8am and we were on the road by 11, and reached our destination about 11 hours later. Axton did really well on the drive to Arizona until about the last hour and then he was ready to be done. We got moved into our unseen apartment on Saturday and we were pleasantly surprised, especially by the kitchen. After the one we just left I was a bit worried but this one has a few more cupboards and a pantry which is so nice!! I'll take pictures in a few days when we have completely unpacked. Greg has started working and he thinks he will enjoy it, for now he is a little bored because he doesn't know anything about the jobs they are doing. This Friday he's going on a Father/Son campout with the church and he thinks he is going to take Axton. That should be interesting. At least it stays in the mid to high 60s so they shouldn't be cold.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ARIZONA...... Here We Come!!!

Ok so life got crazy on us today. A company that Greg interviewed with back in January finally called today and offered Greg a job. He thought, "It's a little to late now"!! However they want him really bad so they offered him an amazing offer, a heck of a lot more a year, plus a sign on bonus, paid time off for Disneyland next month, and it goes on. So he called the company in Las Vegas and talked to his "would be" boss. He told them he would still come work for them but that this was his dilemma. His boss told him to go to Phoenix and if that doesn't work out he'll make a job for him there. So we are going to ARIZONA!! I am really grateful for everything that is happening. I do believe Heavenly Father has had a hand in this especially since everything has worked out for such a huge change and in such short of a time. The other great thing is that we will be living in the same town as Greg's brother, Brad and his family, so we won't be completely alone and Axton will have cousins to play with!!! Well we'll keep you posted since life seems to be throwing us curve balls all the time!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Greg has decided it is time for me to learn how to golf. So after work on Saturday we went to the driving range, since you have to be able to hit the ball before you can play. I think I surprised him because I actually managed to do pretty well. In fact I almost hit someone!! Oh yeah, I'm not supposed to do that! Well it was really cold and the wind was blowing like crazy but Axton refused to wear a jacket or a blanket and every time I tried to cover him up he would slouch over like the weight of the world was on his shoulders! It was so funny! Overall though we had fun and we will be doing a lot more of it.

Axton also hates being put in his carseat so Greg has decided to make a ride out of it. he swings it back and forth and gets as high as he can. It scares me sometimes because he switches his hands mid-air but Axton is a wild child and loves everything and anything that scares him. Yeah we trained him well! Now Greg holds him upside down and Axton laughs and laughs. We are enjoying every minute of being parents.

My Cute Happy Baby

Axton is almost always happy. I don't know what I'll do if I get a cranky one someday. He loves his mommy but is always so excited to see Daddy. Sometimes when he gets cranky though we hang him upside down and he gets happy almost instantly. Oh the things you try when you run out of ideas and your stuck at your house for hours on end (only a week and a half left!!!).