Saturday, March 29, 2008

For the heck of it

Unfortunately Greg left his computer and jump drive at home so I have no pictures to upload. Life is going great though and thought I would share what's new with us. We are officially moving to Henderson. We have found an apartment for 6 months and hope to be able to find a house we can afford during that time. I guess we'll see. Greg is very excited about graduating and is to the point where he just wants to pass his classes. We are all on the count down, especially me. Axton loves people and being outside. Working for Hillside has been great for us but I am ready to have my freedom!! Axton does really well until about 3 and then he wants desperately to go and see new things. It is really tough to have to wait until 5:30 so we can window shopping! We are excited because our apartment complex has a pool and exercise room. Greg already knows what he is doing every day with Axton. I am also really excited because Greg will be home around 2 everyday, until he decides he's bored and gets another job! Axton is finally rolling over again. He decided to take a break for about a month but now he won't stay on his belly for any length of time, he hates his belly. He is also sitting up all by himself and he loves to try and get things out of his reach. He has learned how to catch himself when he is falling and falls quite gracefully now! No more head dives! He has had 2 bottom teeth for 2 months now and his top 2 are breaking through, bye bye nursing! He has also become very vocal, especially when we take something away from him. He loves biting his toes and throwing toys on the ground so I pick them back up, and on and on it goes! We are slowly packing up our house since I am limited to when Axton is taking naps and we don't want to be doing it all last minute. Well that is our oh so interesting life. Check in next week to see what has changed.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Greg and I love to throw Axton into the air! He loves it as well which is why we keep doing it. The higher the better!

We finally gave in and bought him a jumper with all the bells and whistles so he could entertain himslef for more than 5 minutes. He likes the tags more than anything, but whatever works! He also loves to chew on socks and try to yank them out of his mouth. Unfortunately he also loves to do this when he is drinking milk and so bottles are quickly becoming our best friends. He lights up whenever he sees one. We are so in love with our little boy and can't imagine life without him. We are so thankful to Heavenly Father for allowing us the opportunity to be his parents. He has such a sweet spirit and will readily give anyone a smile. The things we can learn from little children.

Axton LOVES food! He gets so mad if I skip solids and only give him milk. However as we have continued down the road of new foods he quickly decided that peas, which were once his favorite, are pretty bland and he wants something more exciting! So I attempted to trick him by giving him a few spoonfuls of sweet potatoes and then a spoon of peas. Yeah, it didn't work as you can tell. So now I give him the foods he doesn't like first thing in the morning so he has nothing to compare it to! How quickly he forgets! He has also learned that he can reach anything on his tray so I have had to learn to put things on the table or counter when I run downstairs to help someone (don't you miss it Keri!). However when I do forget I come back to it all over the place. He loves to lick the bowl once it's all emptied out, just like his daddy!

Random Pictures

Axton loves to put everything he can into his mouth! He loves to try and grab the lines on the couches and gets a bit mad when they don't cooperate with him. He is now trying to grab the carpet and examines his hands after each try to see if has got anything! He also loves to put his hands in our mouths! He thinks it is the funniest when we try to suck his thumb or bite them!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well, we have decided that Axton is spoiled, that or I am just tired of being his only entertainment! We decided to buy him a jumper with all the bells and whistles in hopes that it will entertain him longer than 5 minutes. He loves it so far but it still only last about 10 minutes. Hopefully it will get a little longer as he gets older and gets the hang of it.

He has also started to eat solid foods. He loves bananas and peas but is not so sure about carrots. I think they make his tummy upset since he spits them up all day long. I wasn't prepared for how nasty his clothes were going to get though. I thought once he ate aolids the spit up would stop. Boy was I in for a shocker.

Well most of you have heard, but Greg got a job offer in Henderson doing the same thing he does now, estimating steel jobs. This job is just on a much bigger scale then what he has been doing. Axton and I decided to make a paper chain to count down when we move, 54 days! He seems to think it is a new chew toy! Greg and I will be going down to Henderson to look for a place to live, if we can ever manage to get the time off! One thing I will be glad to have end! We'll keep you posted though on any changes.