Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ward Halloween Party

 Every year our ward puts on a neighborhood Halloween Party. I'm sure you've seen it every year for the last 4 years on our blog! I always look forward to this and this year it kicked off our halloween celebrations.
They had several bounce slides
And new this year they had a little bounce house just for 3 and under. Kenzington had no idea what to do in there but she enjoyed it none the less.
As always the hay ride through the neighborhood was a must and they did a wonderful job decorating it.
Kenzington's first time really trick or treating (I'm very anti babies getting candy from strangers, when they can't walk, let alone eat solid food). But this year she wasted no time getting to the goods.
And of course gotta be fair so this is the only pic of that night of Axton trick or treating with his cousins.
Things I didn't get pictures off include the barrel ride, donut eating (I will admit I had a handful of so myself!), face painting, haunted house (which Kenzington barely cried in, yep we're awesome parents like that), and a few other goodies like cotton candy, popcorn, etc. Needless to say when we got home around 9 my kids were wired, thank heavens it was Saturday night and church isn't until noon! Can't wait for next year.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vertuccio Farms

Every year we have managed to go to Vertuccio Farms in October to start off the holiday festivities. We were going to skip it this year because it's a little spendy but then Brad and Ashley called us and asked if we want to join them and Kim's family for Family Home Evening there. We usually go on a Saturday morning so it was a nice change to do it on Monday night, the only downside is that my camera doesn't like the dark, we need a better flash for it. So here are a few pics to show that we were there.
Daniela, Brooklynn, and Vanessa

Followed by Talia, Greg and kenzington, and JJ.

Bringing up the rear was Axton, Ashley, Brad and Charlotte, and Kim. I was already super sick thanks to this baby so I opted to try to take pics and socialize with a few families from our ward that were there.

Axton is finally tall enough to pedal the cars by himself!

Their little bounce mat thing. The only decent pic I got because it was too dark so all the rest are blurry. Kenzington wasn't sure what to think of it, but all the cousins had fun bouncing each other. Sad that once again I couldn't get in on the action.  

Axton showing off his muscles!

We also did the corn maze and Greg thoroughly enjoyed it thanks to Ashley! He loves to scare people, especially when they react, and boy does she! We love her and her screams! We had fun and I'm sure we'll do it again next year!


Story of my life, I am once again playing catch up on this stinking blog! How am I ever going to manage it when the next baby comes? Hats off to those that stay on top of it! But I am loving some of the new changes blogger has installed like the fact that I can actually see my pictures now, no more guessing which one is which! And now they download relatively fast so maybe I will start doing this more! Downside I hate the new templates when trying to make my blog all cute. I actually locked myself out of my blog for a while because I erased the top bar, so I couldn't log in, I couldn't update posts, I couldn't do nothing! I finally found a way in through my moms and fixed it. So now to catch up.
At the beginning of Oct, AZ had their state fair. We had never been and decided that since it was $1 entrance on opening day before 5 or whatever we would head on over and check it out. I am realizing that I used to love fairs, not so much anymore, probably because the frugal side of me comes out and I now understand why parents dread them, they are money suckers! But the kids enjoyed it and that's all that matters.
First stop was "The Barn". The kids loved looking at all the animals and the petting area. Kenz wasn't afraid of the rabbits at all, but she has no idea what the word "soft" means, those poor bunnies!

She even tried to feed the goats, but they were a bit aggressive and she didn't stand a chance. Even Axton lost his cup of food the second they walked through the door to this same goat. He snatch it right out of his hand before he even knew what was happening.

The highlight for me was the kangaroo and joey. I had never seen one up close.

They had a reptile guy come and do shows, which we enjoyed. I was amazed at how long it lasted. I thought it would be a 10-15 minute thing, but it was closer to an hour. He does birthday parties too, so we might just splurge and have him come one year. He had all sorts of snakes, lizards, etc. Some of them cost upwards of $60,000! Now that is love.

After the animals Axton wanted to ride a few rides. Maybe the reason I don't like fairs anymore is because the last few times we have gone I haven't been able to ride anything, thanks to being a pregosaur. Maybe when the kdi are older I'll get to ride all the rides with them while Greg and his weak stomach sit and pig out, or play carnival games. But for now Greg gets to do the honors and first up was the giant slide. Which they kept going on so Axton only got to do one other ride. 

The airplanes.

Greg played carnival games, which to me are a complete waste of money but he enjoys them. I got the worst parent award because we forgot to strap Kenzington in the stroller and so needless to say she decided that night would be a good time to try to climb out. She ended up head diving onto the concrete, and ended up with a nice goose egg and scratches. She is definitely tough though and was over it in a few minutes. Needless to say she gets strapped in all the time now!
The one thing that is still true to my growing up, and maybe redneckness, is that I couldn't miss the chance to watch the cars race! They were doing the figure 8 race which I had never seen before and I enjoyed it, probably more than anyone else. Axton got bored after a while so we left about half way through, darn children. I didn't take any pics because I was enjoying it too much, and eating all of our fried food gloriousness.
Ok maybe I do still enjoy the fair, just have to expect it to cost a ton and plan for it next time, and not be pregnant.