Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Boy.... sort of

We are in Rexburg and Axton's birthday is Thursday. We fly to San Diego for a wedding on Wednesday (so Axton is still free!!) so Axton was going to get the jip for his b-day (hopefully he'll at least get to see his dad for his b-day). Good thing he's only two. Since we flew I wasn't able to bring any presents. I did however think to bring a cake pan in the hopes that just maybe we might get around to making it for him whether here in Rexburg or in San Diego.

I think it turned out pretty stinking cute for being my second one! He is way into monkeys lately, which I was excited about because I love this monkey pan and recipes! You can make it with a cake, rice krispies, or brownies (something for everyone).

Getting ready to sing "happy birthday"

Yes I'm immature and stuck the candles in the nostrils!! I was so happy and sad when Axton blew out his candles all by himself. I was looking forward to helping him but as I was inhaling he blew them out!!! I was very impressed that he got it right away.

He got ONE present!! Hurray! Luckily it was a book so we can fit it into our suitcase! I am at the max already so I told my mom to give me money and we'll buy something when we get home.

He enjoyed the frosting more than anything, and then the ice cream. The cake itself he wasn't so sure about, he must take after Mom and Dad.

And incase you didn't notice. I chopped all of my long, beautiful, annoying hair off and I love it!! Hopefully Greg will too!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ride in the Convertible

Great Gpa Hillier owns a 1965 convertible so he took Axton and his other great grandparents for a ride. This boy is spoiled (especially with all the grandparents he has!!).

Axton was ready to get out of there and wouldn't stop saying bah-bye!

Axton loved the ride but we had a rough time when it was over. As I was trying to get his car seat out he was playing with the door. It pushed it too hard and it bounced back and hit him in the face. It was kind of funny. But at the same time that he landed I was getting out and ended up stepping on him. So that really sent the tears going. Overall though I think everyone had a good time.

Tautphaus Park Zoo

We took Axton to the local zoo. It's not very big but when Gma had to push Axton the whole time and I got to push Gpa around because he broke his foot, it was plenty big and quite the workout. It took us about an hour.

They have a free petting zoo although there wasn't much to it. Axton liked petting the goats until it came time for pictures.

Axton couldn't wait to touch the lizard.

This cute little monkey was swinging all over the place.

I think the monkeys were Axton's favorite, besides maybe the lions and tigers.

It was fun being in the bird area because they weren't afraid of you at all. Hence the one letting me touch it. I love Axton's sounds for birds.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Greg decided he wanted to get out of the house and take Axton somewhere fun. Our options were ChuckECheese or Jeepers. I've never been to either so we decided to do Jeepers. Greg made me sick on the very first ride!! Axton and I got on a ride that spins in circles and then the operator manually spins your car on top of that. The first 2 spins were fine but then Greg piped up and told the lady to spin us faster. Boy did she!! Poor Axton could hardly hold his head up so I had to grab it and make him look at me and keep telling him it would be ok and not to throw up. I'm not sure if I was saying that more for Axton or me. I was so excited when we were finally done but I had a hard time getting out of the seat afterwards.

Greg was going to go on the airplane with him but Greg couldn't get his long legs in so he decided to send him on his own. He liked it at first but by about the third round he was starting to whimper. I wanted to go on it with him again but we forgot.

They had a large play structure like McDonalds, only a heck of a lot bigger and easier to get lost. I couldn't track them half the time until they popped out somewhere. He wasn't sure if he liked the cargo net or not but he sure enjoyed the rest of it.

Sweet revenge!! Greg got to go on the greatest spinny ride of all time. I don't know what they called it but it's the one that goes forward and then stops and goes backward. Greg thought he was doing pretty good until they reversed directions. Axton wasn't so sure he liked it at all but never cried.

We decided we need a break from the rides so Axton found one of the arcade driving games. He loves steering wheels so it was great. Poor Greg was sweating like crazy because of the last ride!! Trying not to throw up will do that to ya!

The video of Axton driving. Good thing we have a long time to teach him before this is the real deal!

Our last ride was all of our favorites. Greg got to sit it out, it was really slow for me, and Axton loved all of the animals.

It was a lot of fun and only $10 for all of us. We'll definitely be going again but we'll take it easy next time so we can do all the rides more than once! Thanks hun for the great idea and time. We had a blast!