Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Projects

I have decided that it is time to challenge myself and stop being lazy. I have many things that I want to work on and get better at. The short list includes (mostly womanly duties) cooking, coupon cutting and budgeting, sewing, family history, exercising, and scrapbooking. Within all of these things are other things I want to learn, and the list goes on and on. So I have decided to focus on one thing at a time. For the month of September I will mainly be focusing on..... COOKING!

Cooking: I get really tired of eating the same things over and over again, while Greg seems to think we should eat rice and beans all the time to save money.

I have discovered that I am a recipe cook. I have to have a recipe to follow or I fall apart. I can't wing things like some blessed people. I have a hard time making hard boiled eggs because I don't have a recipe to tell me exactly how long the eggs should boil for, that's how pathetic my adventurous cooking is. So I accept that I have to have recipes. This is where all of you come into play..... I need new recipes!! You can either add them as a comment or email them to me at The real challenge will be talking Greg into eating them!!

I have no problem trying new things although I will admit that if I have never made it before I get very nervous about making it. Also I am very scared of trying new ingredients that I have never heard of and don't know where to find them (or what they look like to begin with) in the grocery store. For example I finally managed to accidentally find wheat germ so I can now make some bread recipes with that in it, hurray! Mom, Dad, family, I love ya but you did a huge disservice to me by not teaching me how to cook!!

My goal is to try a new recipe every week so start giving me any that you like, and hopefully Greg will find one that he is willing to try! Also I plan to make lots of bread because we are both bread fanatics, so if you have any tips or recipes I would love them, I especially need Kim's recipe for her bread! Or if you know of any websites or books that are helpful send them my way. I'll keep ya posted if I find anything I just have to share.

Thanks for anything you contribute.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bull Riding

Axton trying to bite Greg!

Too cute for words.

Look at my crazy hair.

My what big teeth you have!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This was way too much fun! Thanks Keri for posting it on yours so I could enjoy it as well!

Well Greg and I know what to look forward to when we each gain 100 or so pounds!

The best part of this hairdo is that I actually had a haircut that looked very similar. It's one of the better pictures from this program.

Good thing Greg can't grow his hair out like this or he probably would!

For lots of fun do it yourself at

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Axton is already a very deep sleeper and if he doesn't want to wake up he won't without some major convincing. Greg decided to climb into the crib with him since he wouldn't wake up. That did it. Axton wanted his own space and kept trying to get away from Greg. I was afraid Greg was going to break the crib now that he's pushing 200 lbs!!
Axton has been trying to walk for awhile now and can take a few steps on his own but then he gets unsure and sits down. We thought that he would like one of the toys that he can stand and walk with and boy were we right! The only problem is that he can't turn it around so he starts to whine when he hits a solid object. Sometimes he knows it is going to happen and he whines before he even gets there! I created a lot more work for myself by introducing him to this toy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Greg has been dying to get rid of Axton and I so that he can go golfing. Well he finally got his wish. Axton and I went to San Diego on Monday for the week to stay with the fam (Greg's). He did pretty good on the car ride there, although he didn't sleep as much as I would have liked. Trying to hand a kid treats and toys when you are driving is kind of tricky but we figured it out. He loved all of the attention that Grandma gave him even though it turned out to be a crazy week for everyone! He wasn't quite as sure about Grandpa but that was probably because he wasn't around as much. I never realized how busy you are when you are bishop, only 4 more years (maybe)!!

Kim and Josh (Greg's sister) have decided to move to Gilbert! We helped them get everything loaded in their U-haul and on their way here. They moved into the same apartment complex as us so we should be seeing a lot of them! More people to swap babysitting with! That makes 4 of the 6 kids living within a mile of each other. I am so glad that we moved here and have so much family near by. I don't think I could have handled Las Vegas by ourselves.

Greg flew in Thursday night to spend the weekend with us, since he is obsessed with San Diego. The best part was when Greg got in the car and Axton flipped out. You would have thought that Greg was a stranger by Axton's response. He screamed for a good couple of minutes and was trying so hard to get out of his carseat and in to my safe arms. It was so funny! We went to the beach (no camera) and Axton got to taste the wonderful salt water. He also managed to take a huge bite out of the seaweed while we weren't paying close enough attention.

The highlight of the week was getting to read books! Greg would strongly disagree with that though, he wasn't thrilled that I spent Axton's naptimes reading and ignoring him! Good thing he didn't get there until Thursday and I didn't have a house to keep clean. He hates it when I find a good book because I can't put it down and other things get ignored. My sister-in-law Katie convinced me to read the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyers, so I read 3 of the 4 books in about 4 days (that's almost 1800 pages). Now I have to wait for her to finish the 4th so I can steal it from her. I am dying to find out what happens and if Bella doesn't end up with Edward I'm throwing the book in the trash! Don't hate me if you don't like the book, truthfully I like just about anything since I am so reading deprived these days, and I never have been very picky about anything.

Sorry there are no pictures, we really didn't do anything to exciting but it was a great week to relax with the family. I am looking forward to our next get away at the end of the month. I tell ya what that is after it happens.