Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kenzington is growing up so fast! I can't believe it has already been 2 months! She sleeps really well at night, has even had a couple of 8 hour stretches already. She loves to be held, actually she screams when she is put down! She's getting better at entertaining herself but only for small stretches of time. She doesn't like any of the chairs yet, like the bouncy chair. The swing depends on the day. She is getting some tummy time and likes it better than being laid on her back, but it too is short lived.

She smiles a lot now, but I can never get it on camera.

We have discovered that she loves to be around lots of people and noise. We took her to her first baseball game when she was 3 weeks old and we were so worried that she was going to cry the whole time, because at that point in life she cried whenever she was awake! But she loved it and didn't make a peep the 4 hours we were there. And yes she chose to be awake almost the entire 4 hours too. What is up with my children and not sleeping as babies?!

I am in love with this little girl and it's hard to believe that I wanted a boy instead! And while she is a little fussier than I would like, I am so glad to have her and I hope as she gets older we have a special bond and that our personalities will mesh!