Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Just got back from CVS. I got 6 bottles of Lysol all-purpose cleaner, 3 tubes of maybelline mascara, 6 packs of trident gum, and 6 first aid kits for ..... $9.06, that's $0.43 a piece and we know a pack of gum costs more than that!!! I also got $8 back on my next trip.

Seriously why wouldn't you use coupons and better yet, use couponsense.com! If you say I sent you then I get rewarded and you do too by saving tons of money. I've saved almost $5,000 this year and spent less than $1,500 on food and household items. That's a 77% savings. Some people have saved over $15,000, but I'm only feeding 3 people and I have so much extra stuff that things are expiring before I can use them. Thank you holidays for helping me clear out my inventory before it goes bad.


I didn't do as well as others this week but that's because 1. they were out of a few things that were free, 2. I refuse to print internet coupons unless I absolutely want/need it (even if it makes the product free) and 3. I had to buy a few things for dinner that weren't on sale. Some people were saving over $200 and only paying $2 out of pocket! I LOVE COUPONS!!!

What I got today:

1 French Bread (not on sale)
1 Regular bread (not on sale)
6 boxes of jello
3 Colgate toothpaste
1 bag of Tortilla chips (not on sale)
1 swanson broth (all they had left, got a raincheck for more)
3 shower poufs
2 clorox bleach
2 boxes of pasta
3 frozen mini pies
24 cans campbell's cream of chicken soup
6 stouffer frozen meals
4 jars of fruit
7 boxes of cereal
2 boxes of hot chocolate
3 colgate toothbrushes
6 yogurts (not on sale)
6 cans of pringles new multigrain ones
1 container of whipped topping (not on sale)
1 4-pack of tp

Paid $19.89
Saved $142.75=88%=83 items for $0.24 a piece (including my nonsale items!!!)

Had I not bought the things for dinner/lunch that weren't on sale I would have only spent about $8, but I'm not complaining! And because of my pre-coupon total they told me that I can take my receipt back in on my next trip and they will give me a free turkey up to 15 lbs (they were out). I probably won't because we won't be here to cook it and we still have 2 from last year in our deep freeze (oops!).

Shopping trip from yesterday:
3 muffin mixes
4 boxes of fruit snacks
1 4-pack of tp
1 grinder of salt
2 grinders of pepper
2 dozen eggs
3 dial hand soaps
3 zone nutrition bars
6 bags of croutons

Spent $4.17
Saved 41.08=89%=25 items for $0.17 a piece!

Stocking up on things saves me soooo much money and I don't think I can ever go back to not using coupons!