Thursday, June 9, 2011

Greg informed me that the 4d ultrasound pictures creep him out so I decided to post something that would be more to his liking. As previously mentioned his brithday was last month and all he really wanted was a pinata for the adults. So I went looking for one and wow they are expensive. I wasn't about to spend $20 on one and then another $10 or so to fill it just to have it destroyed in minutes.

So I decided to make one! I got the first two layers done when Greg got home and got in on the action. He decided that my skills weren't up to par and so he went and bought some metal wire to go around the whole thing to make it more indestructable.

Axton helping me decorate it

So about 3 days, 7 layers and some wire later we were ready just in time for the family get together. We let the kiddos go first and then Greg and and Brad took turns hitting it. They were definitely entertaining. Greg has decided that a pinata for adults is going to be our new family tradition. He wants to see how hard he can make them. Oh boy!

Axton getting a turn, and boy was he thrilled.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We went in for the 3rd trimester ultrasound. Baby is doing good and they say it is definitely a girl so bring on the girl stuff (oh wait I already have some girl clothes, girl bows, girl toys, girl bedding, girl bedroom!). Guess we would have already been in trouble if they had said it was a boy!

No gestational diabetes for me, which I'm not too surprised by but I am anemic, again not much of a surprise. She is measuring where she should be, a little larger but go figure. I want her small so she can fit in the newborn clothes we inherited but that might just be a dream too.

They tried to get a good 4d picture of her face but our little gymnist decided to show us her skills instead. Can tell what you are looking at?

Here's the cheat sheet!

She had her left leg extended parallel to her body, her knee was at her mouth and her foot above her head, while the other leg remained either by her stomach or straight down the other way. As though the leg in the way wasn't enough she decided to keep her right hand covering the other side of her face. Really we got to see her nose and mouth and that was about it. But I can't wait to see her, hopefully in 9 long weeks!

I think she has my gma's button nose but I guess we'll see if that's true when she comes. Oh I can't wait!