Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All Things Christmas (part 1)

We started Christmas off by going to our ward Christmas party. It had the usual things like Santa who Axton still doesn't really like, he wouldn't touch him but at least he would smile for a picture.

They had cookies to decorate, hot chocolate, and churros. Axton of course wanted to go on the "train ride" over and over.

Baby girl all bundled up because it was whole a 50 degrees outside!

Our next celebration was at Greg's sisters house. We went to exchange presents with the kiddos and decorate cookies. Axton loves to help me make things so I put him to work making the cookies while baby sister watched.

All the kids decorating their cookies.

I don't need no stinking cookie!

Gift exchange:

Axton loved his McQueen slippers, unfortunatley they were too small so we returned them and he got some "Thomas the Train" engines instead.

I got this huge mug from a white elephant and Axton thoroughly enjoyed drinking out of it.

The only picture we have from Zoolights. This is what you do when you realize you have forgotten the baby carrier and your baby only wants to be held. Plus I was afraid she would be cold so luckily my coat was the perfect size for both of us!

At our Zoo they put up hundreds of lights in the shape of animals and then you can go see them at night after the zoo has shut down for the day. It was fun to go to once, I don't think we'll go again because it is so ridiculously expensive and it took us all of a half hour to see. I'd rather drive around and look at lights or go to the temple lights.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blessing Day (Thanksgiving Part 2)

Sunday we blessed Kenzington. Greg did a wonderful job and the dress my mom bought for her was way too cute! I wish she could wear it more often. I think I am going to put her back in it for some more photos (it's only been 3 months since then!)

Needless to say getting that many people to smile for pictures was not going to happen so without photoshopping any of them this what we have!

Everyone came over after church and we had a BBQ. Then all of Greg's family started for home. It was great to see all of them and we were sad they were leaving. My family didn't leave until Tuesday though so we got to do more activities with them.

We decided to exchange Christmas presents with my side of the family since we were together. My mom gets the grandkids an ornament every year and then occasionally she does a family one as well. I love this tradition. She always finds such cute ones. Our family one was of reindeer, Kenzington's was a rattle, and Axton got Mater from CARS 2.

Aunt Heidi made Axton a carry for his cars, so now he can take a few where ever we go and it has a little road for him to drive them on.

Greg got a hat and some golfing stuff, just what the boy needs!

I got a necklace, cake pop book, and some things to decorate the cake pops with. They look so fun but I have yet to get daring and make them. Hopefully for Valentine's day or Easter.

Kenzington got a book with lots of bright pictures. Axton enjoyed opening her presents for her.

Monday we decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo. All of the animals were out and about. It was the most active we have seen the animals be.

Everyone left Tuesday morning bright and early. We were sad to see them leave since we had such a great time together. Axton still talks about when Logan came to visit and asks when he's going to come next! Guess next time we'll have to go see him instead!

Thanks everyone for coming and supporting us!


Thanksgiving was a ridiculously busy week (thanks to us!!). In our church we give babies a name and a blessing in their first few months of life (and then when children turn 8 they are baptized). So we decided to hold off giving Kenzington her blessing until we could have family join us if they wanted to. We opted for Thanksgiving since it seemed to be the best time for most to come. We had an awesome turn out and a fun week with everyone.

Greg's sister Kim lives a few miles from us and she agreed to host all of Greg's side that came. Greg's parents, his sister Katie and her husband Spencer, Greg's brother Jeff and his wife Karen and daughter Camille all came and stayed with Kim. Greg's brother Brad and his family live here so they were here also. The only one we missed was Melanie because she is on a mission to the Dominican Republic. They all arrived by Wednesday.

Thanksgiving morning the men went and played football bright and early. Greg dislocated his shoulder which made the next activity fun to watch with him. We (meaning his sister Kim and everyone else agreed!) decided we should start a family tradition of playing kickball anytime we are all together since we have enough people to make it fun, especially once the grandkids are a little older.

The teams were the "Original Leavitts" vs "the in-laws". Needless to say us "in-laws" got our butts spanked. It was a ton of fun though and brought out my competitive side. Greg had never seen me play "sports" like this and I think he was pleasantly surprised that I could hold my own.

While we played the "triplets" were good and sat in their seats. They lasted about an hour before they called the game quits for us.
Kenzington, Charlotte (Kim's), and Camille (Karen's)
Charlotte and Camille are only a day apart and poor Kenzington is 5 months behind them!

After kickball we went back to Kim's house where we enjoyed Thanksgiving with all of them. We had to leave a little early from their festivities because my family was on their way.

My mom and step dad, along with my brother Brantley and his wife Tasha all flew in Thanksgiving afternoon. My brother Theron and his wife Hiedi and kiddos Logan and Lydia made the awesome 14 hour drive and arrived within minutes of the others. Unfortunately my brother Derek and his family couldn't make it. We opted to do carne asada burritos for dinner and have the big Thanksgiving meal on Friday.

Friday morning Greg decided to go hit up some really early sales and instead of buying some great bargains, we got to fix a couple of cars!

He didn't remember that my brother was parked in our driveway so he ended up side swiping them around 5 in the morning. AWESOME!! Luckily it was easily fixed and relatively inexpensive. Gotta love it!

The rest of Friday was uneventful. We made our first turkey, on the grill, and it was awesome. After we ate we all just "bummed" around. It wouldn't be a true get together without someone wrestling someone.

I didn't get any pictures from Saturday but we decided to get together with Greg's family at the park again and play another game of kickball. This time it was the Leavitt's (minus Greg) against the Shattucks. There was some smack talk going on between the two teams but I am proud to say that despite all of us being out of shape the Shattucks whooped the Leavitts big time!! I however over-did it in my competitiveness and tore a leg muscle while trying to dodge getting hit (which I succeeded in) and ended up sitting out for the last half or so. It was a good day.


Yep I'm still going to try and play catch up as I organize my pictures. Hopefully it will be a fast catch up and I can finally get on top of this blog thing. I almost gave up and then heard from a few people that they look at it regularly so I guess I'll try to be more diligent. Plus it should help me as I scrapbook months down the line with remembering what, where, when, etc.

So on to HALLOWEEN!!

We carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening (like everyone else)!

Getting ready for our first, of many, halloween functions.
Kenzington getting dressed. Her shirt says "I've been inside for 9 months", thank you pinterest! I got the idea from a friend. I decided to wear my "jail" shirt (as Greg likes to call it) to match her, that was as far as my creativity went this year!

Axton got to be a pirate, no he didn't have a say in the matter, but fortunately he loved it.

We went to our ward trunk or treat. Our ward puts on amazing parties. This year it was at a neighborhood park so all in our little community, LDS and nonLDS alike, could attend and not feel awkward or out of place. We had a couple of bounce houses, different carnaval games, cupcake walk, etc. The best part though is definitely the line to get candy from everyone. We rope off an area and then everyone sits around the outline of the rope and hands out candy. We handed out at least 500 pieces of candy and we ran out before it was over. Needless to say Axton had enough candy that we didn't need to go do the real deal (although we still did!!). Unfortunately I didn't bring the camera and I have yet to ask my sister-in-law if she got any pics from the ward party.

All of us heading out on the actual night. And yes I am wearing SHORTS in OCTOBER!

We were able to go trick-or-treating with Greg's sister Kim and her family. They were much more creative and prepared seeings that they were The Incredibles.

It was a fun night and the kiddos scored big time. One plus to AZ and there super close together homes is definitely trick or treating. It doesn't take long to hit 50 or so houses and be done for the night, maybe an hour.