Saturday, December 8, 2007

Family Pictures

Axton did pretty well with his 1st professional pictures. I had the hardest time finding a black top for him and so we ended up buying this sweater that was for 6-9 months when he isn't even 3 months yet! It was a little big but it worked. Next time we will know to plan a little better though because by the time we started the pictures he was hungry and tired!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

1st Family Trip- Las Vegas

Greg had a job interview in Las Vegas so his parents met us there! We went to Dick's Last Resort which is a fun place. They make you wear the hats they make for you and the waiters are rude, although with Axton, our waitress just couldn't find it in her to be mean to us. He's already winning over the hearts of women, boy am I in trouble! Axton is obviously the reasoning behind my hat. Greg 's is because he wanted his sandwich a certain way and wasn't afraid to let the waitress know! Axton is a very social person already and loves to be around lots of people. He loved seeing his Grandparents and will be so excited to see everyone at Christmas. While we were in Las Vegas we decided to go see the bridge they are building next to Hoover Dam. I'm not so sure I want to drive on it once it's finished!