Sunday, February 10, 2008

Axton is learning how to sit on his own. He is really good if he is leaned a bit forward but still tends to get really excited and fall backwards. Another week or two and he should be fine. He also loves to be naked, even if he is just pantless. He has discovered his feet and constantly tries to put them in his mouth. I thought I would have awhile before I had to lok for missing socks but he has decided he likes to take them off and chew on them. He is chewing on everything these days since he has decided it is time for him to have some teeth. He has gotten in 2 bottom teeth and he hasn't learned that it hurts when he bites, breast feeding might be coming to an end if he keeps it up! Sorry we don't update our blog too often, we have gotten rid of email at our house because we never use and didn't have a great connection anyways. So now I have to go to the library or Greg's work to do everything so be patient! Also to look at the pictures in a bigger image just click on them, you can see the teeth if you do!