Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday

I had a different kind of black friday shopping experience thanks to couponsense. CVS does some killer deals, a lot of basically free stuff. Between CVS and Walgreens I got 3 bodywashes (st. ives and johnson); 5 lotions (vaseline sheerinfusion and lubriderm); 3 degree deodorants; 3 bottles of complete contact solution; 3 bottles of herbal essences shampoo/conditioner; 1 herbal essences mousse, hairspray, and gel; a box of 64 crayola crayons, 5 candybars, and a universal remote (yes we actually needed it!).

The grand total: $153.50, my total: $29.48!! A savings of 85%! And the BEST part..... I now have $76 worth of "cash" rewards for future trips for anything I want!!!

When I include my "cash" rewards ($12) that I used to help lower my final bill and the $25 gift card I had received for transferring a prescription along with the cash I spent ($30), not only did I end up getting everything for free... I made a whole $9 on top of it! Now that is definitely worth my time, and my kind of shopping! Hope everyone else enjoyed their shopping as much as I did.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I recently joined a website called It's a site where people share their opinions about all sorts of products. Along with joining it you can participate in campaigns. My recent campaign was for Aveeno Baby.

They sent me a whole bottle of their new baby moisturizing shampoo to test out and report on. As part of this campaign I have to spread the news. The more I do for each campaign the better my status becomes and the more campaigns I am asked to join and get free stuff for. I love free stuff so I'm sure there will be lots of blogs to come! Anyways, my thoughts on the shampoo... It is easy to wash out of Axton's hair. With his crazy hair getting soap out can be a process. It also leaves his hair really soft. It's made of all natural ingredients which isn't a big deal to me but it might be to others. It doesn't really smell like anything, which I don't like but others do. I like smell and I love to smell Axton's hair right after a bath and smell how clean and fresh he is, this doesn't smell at all to me.

They also gave me some samples of their diaper rash cream which worked out perfectly because I rarely use it but Axton was on some serious antiboitics for a sinus infection and he broke out like mad on his bum. To me it seemed a little thicker than other diaper creams I've used, making it a little harder to spread. It does come off your hands easily though which is nice. It stayed on really well and I didn't have to use it as much as others. In this case the lack of smell was a nice thing for me.

Overall I would purchase both of these products in the future if their prices are comparable since I don't have a clue what they cost. I also have a bunch more samples of the shampoo and cream if anyone wants to try it out and give it a review!! Also I have some coupons if anyone wants some because they use this product or just want to try it out.

If you want to help me on my quest, or yourself by getting a chance to win gift certificates, or a charity to receive a donation because you helped spread the word you can go to and enter 101 282 289033 for your conversation id. Answer a few questions and that's that. If anyone finds some great deals let me know. It's my new obsession.

I know there are other websites for coupons and all of that but this site is just so user friendly to me and doesn't take me very much time anymore. Today I went to Safeway and got 3 bags of plastic cups (30 count), 2 things of plates (50 count), 1 thing of bowls (50 count), 2 bags of betty crocker cookie mixes, 2 tubs of frosting, 3 huge containers of canola oil, and 4 tubes of crescent rolls for .... $5.60.

From Walgreens I got 1 super nice razor with 3 boxes of refill razors (4 count), 8 things of shaving cream, 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and some cough drops for.... about $15. And I have $12 in rewards to use on my next trip.

I love couponsense! Also I am stocked up on campbells "cream of" soups for the YEAR because coupons came out for them and stores put them on sale for about $0.35 a can! I will take a picture of my pantry and bathroom soon so you can all see how much "normal" stuff I have gotten with the meager budget that we were using to barely get by before coupons. I'm addicted.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As some know, and many who don't, my g-ma passed away on Oct 14. She had battled cancer for as long as I can remember, around 17 years. She had it beat once (large cell lymphoma) and then came down with a completely different, and unrelated type (renal), which ultimately took her life.

Despite having cancer she was able to serve a mission with G-pa which I think brought her some of the greatest joy she has ever experienced.

In May of this year she orginized what would be the last family reunion with her. All of her children and most of her grandchildren where able to attend. It was a wonderful event. My g-parents had pictures of G-ma taken so everyone could have one to remember her by. At the time though no one knew how short her days really were, we simply knew it would probably be within a year.

On July 23 G-ma collapsed at home at the dinner table. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital in St. George. Because she was displaying symptoms of having had a stroke, a CAT scan of her brain was done. It was then that a large cancer mass was discovered in the right side of the brain. The Renal Cell cancer had now metastasized to the brain, as well as other places previously that we knew about. She was given the choice to have surgery and prolong life for a few additional months or just let it take its course. She chose the latter.

So G-ma and G-pa moved to Rexburg and lived with my mom to wait out the few short (and long) months. My uncle got remarried at the beginning of August, he moved up the date and changed the location from SLC to Idaho Falls so G-ma could be there for it.
(Thank you Deanna for introducing my g-parents to the church so we know that families can be together forever)

At the end of August I was able to go to Rexburg for almost 3 weeks to help take care of her. What a blessing that was to all of us, especially me. In a month she had gone from being a crazy, independant woman, to being totally dependant and as a little child. We had to help her walk, go to the bathroom, get dressed, everything, day and night like a new born or toddler. But it was the greatest opportunity of service I have ever had and I am so greatful for it. She did so much for me growing up it was the least I could do. We got to spend a lot of time talking and playing cards. How I will miss playing cards with her. I will cherish those few short weeks I had with her.

Her she is in her wheelchair (by the time I left she couldn't walk at all or even really use her hands). At least I have pictures of Axton and her so he'll have somethign to know this wonderful woman by.

The biggest thing about my g-ma that I remember is that she NEVER complained, and if she did I never saw it and it was probably few and far between. She was dealt an extremely rough hand in life and yet she was able to overcome it all and be so happy and positive. She knew that the gospel was true, that the Savior loves her and that she would be returning to live with him again. She knew her work was done here on earth even though she didn't want it to be. She was a silently strong woman. We all love her and miss her but I know she is doing more good where she is and that she is looking down and watching over all of us.