Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's been a while

I know it's been a while since I last updated our blog. Somehow we managed to lose or misplace our camera. Life the last few weeks has been a little boring, but over the next few months that should change.

I have been busy canning apples: canning apple slices, applesauce, apple pie filling, etc. Applesauce is definitely my least favorite because it takes a lot of work for little results! I have decided though that I love canning! I can't wait to learn how to do it with a pressure cooker so that I can get into vegetables and meats as well. Food storage here I come.

We still have a long ways to go on buying our house, or so it seems. I feel like we are at a stand still and it is really annoying me. The appraisal is taking forever, we were told it would be done by Monday and finally today they said it will be done by tomorrow. UGHHHH!!! It has been almost 2 weeks, you would think they would get it in gear. Don't they realize that they are holding our future in their hands? Anyways, I am very bugged, and antzy to get out of here.

We leave for San Diego tomorrow. Greg is crazy and going to run a 1/2 marathon, that he has hardly trained for (he's ran 3 maybe 4 times with 9 miles being his longest), on Sunday with some other friends and family members. He is then going to work in the area Monday and Tuesday and fly out from LA on Tuesday. I am going to stick around until Wednesday because it's just easier that way.

Greg's brother Jeff just got engaged so we are super excited for them. Karen is an awesome girl from the little I know of her, but she has always been a sweetheart to me when I do see her. I'm excited to get to know her better. They are getting married in September in the San Diego temple, she is a recent convert so that is when her 1 year mark is.

Both my sisters-in-law on Greg's side are expecting babies next month too so that should be exciting and something to do as well. I am pretty sure I'll have Brooklynn a good amount of the time when Kim has her's (it looks like she will have a c-section again unless a miracle happens) since her and Axton are quite the buddies these days. Not sure what Corina is doing with her girls since she has lots of options but I'll be around!

We have a family reunion for my mom's side at the end of May so we'll be going to that. I was going to go visit before the reunion but we are set to close on the 15th and I was flying out on the 16th so that obviously isn't going to happen. I have decided I'll go home with her after the reunion even though some of Greg's family will be here (for the babies) but I think I should take this chance to go home.

There are some other things going on but I'll post those later when I have more info to share. Hope all is well with everyone.

Monday, April 6, 2009

House Update

Assuming all goes well .............. we are buying a house!

A while back we found a house that I felt we were supposed to look at and we ended up liking it and putting an offer on it (look back to older post). That was December. We went back once after that and I still really liked it but not as much as the first time. Well the first offer didn't go through and instead of counter-offering us for more money they simply made us start from square one with a higher offer. So we played the game because we had time, our lease here isn't up until the end of this month.

Well we finally were starting to realize that we were going to be stuck in this horrible apartment complex for longer than we ever planned on if we stuck with this house. So Greg kept his eyes out and found another that he wanted to see. So we saw it and we loved it. We like the house better but the location is a little less than ideal, although the other one was as well. The downside... no community pool like the other, the positive side.... lower HOA fees! And it's a bank owned and not a short sale so we got an answer back really fast. We submitted the offer Monday, they accepted it Wednesday morning, and we have already had our inspection done that came back with great results (of course there are the minor things but those I can live with!).

So tomorrow we start the financing part of the game and are set to close the middle of next month. The details: It's almost 2400 sq ft, 4 bedrooms plus a den, 2 baths, 2car garage, and one story. The lot is over 9000 sq ft but I don't know exactly. There are tons of other details but I won't talk about them and bore you all. The inside of the house got painted by the bank last week so it is all white now. I didn't mind most of the colors but it will be fun to have a new slate to start with and do what I want, although the thought is slightly overwhelming. It's going to be white for a while, I already know it! But at least I don't have to worry about washing walls and all of that when we move in!

Front of the house (not a very good picture):


Dining Room:

Living Room: Not a very good picture. The living room is huge and wide open to the kitchen which I love! I'm more likely to clean my kitchen and cook if I can watch tv while doing it (sad I know)!! The carpet is brand new and great! Nice and dark for the terrors!

Den: It's right off of the living room. I think we will either do a play room or more likely our office/scrapbooking room. I'll have to hang curtains or something so I can hide the mess.

Masterbed and bath:

1 of the Bedrooms (no longer these wonderful girl colors for Axton):

Backyard: It needs a lot of work but I won't be hearing that Greg's bored anytime in the near future if we get this place!

We are excited for this new adventure in our lives and can't wait to be in it! I am really hoping everything goes smoothly and quickly, the quicker I get out of this place the better!