Monday, December 22, 2008


Greg and I have been looking at homes for a couple of weeks. I have looked at probably 25 homes and Greg around 10. Who knew there would be so many in our price range! Oh right we live in Arizona, home to thousands of foreclosures and short sales! Well finally I narrowed it down to 4 houses I really liked and wanted Greg to see. Then out of no where I spied a new listing that looked like one I had seen but wasn't sure if I liked or not. I felt that I should give Greg the chance to veto it so I put it on the list. He looked at the info and pictures and off of the info we had he decided that that would be the one he would choose if it had a decent floor plan. I wasn't sure I liked this idea until he pointed out some of it's features that got me thinking, it WASN'T the same floor plan I had thought it was!! SO we decided to see it anyways and hope it was everything we wanted.

To shorten the story we saw it last and fell in love with it!! It's nothing like the floor plan I thought it was, it's so much better, and bigger!! It has been well taken care of and we immediately felt we should put an offer on it! So we did right after seeig it, despite the fact that we had told ourselves we wouldn't do anything too fast. It's a short sale so it will probably be at least 2 months before we know if the bank accepts it or not. We feel pretty good about it since we just found out that the owner has accepted our offer (meaning he is signing a contract with us) and they will only accept other offers (so far they have none) as back up even if they are higher, incase we bailout.

So all we need is the banks ok, and all of the inspections to say it's ok and it's ours!! Cross your fingers for us that all goes smoothly, we really want this house (althoguh there are plenty of others out there if this doesn't work)!!

The front of it, it's a single story which we hear resell very well. I'm excited that I won't have to worry about our kids and the stairs since Axton is obsessed with stairs. Plus I hate running up and downstairs all day long (I think I can thank Hillside for that).

The kitchen:

The family room (off of the kitchen):

The master bedroom:

The humongous yard for around here:

And because I know I love hearing the details here are a few. It's a little over 2,600 sq ft, 5 bedroom, 3 full baths. It will be really interesting if Axton ends up being an only child, we'll have to down size! Hopefully that won't be the case though. Wish us luck!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well Christmas came a little early this year for Greg and I. Greg would rather buy what he wants than be surprised by what I get him and I am starting to become fond of this idea (I know we're crazy)! His thinking is "If I want something I'll go buy it and we can say it is for Christmas, birthday, etc, that way I can use it when I want to." We have decided Christmas, as far as presents go, are going to be for our children and not so much for each other. So Greg has wanted a new golf bag and shoes for a while and decided that with Christmas right around the corner he would just go buy them. So I did the same and went and bought a new bed set (comforter, sheets, pillows, etc.) since we really needed another set.

The other "present" I got was our Christmas tree! This will be our 4th christmas together and we have never had a tree, we have also never stayed home for christmas so I guess that can justify it. I bought the tree, sight unseen, from a co-op for $20. I was very nervous about it when we first got it but once we got home and set it up I was very happy. It's a little short and they cut the top off but I can live with it. We don't have a whole lot of decorations this year because I'm hoping to get some good deals after the fact, but I am so excited to finally have a tree. Even better is that Axton loves to look at it but he doesn't try to touch it which I was very worried about.

Just a heads up, I'm not sending out Christmas cards or letters, I'm a slacker! Maybe next year when I think about it a little sooner and can put more thought into it than would happen this year. Hope everyone has a great christmas and travels safely where ever they are going.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


We were going to stay home for Thanksgiving this year but decided at the last minute to go to San Diego. I'm glad we did because we kept very busy while we were there and we probably would have gone stir crazy here. Unfortunately we didn't break out the camera until our last dasy, I'm really good at that!

Axton loves rocks, and so do I as long as he doesn't eat them. They are a nice cheap toy! Brooklynn and Axton had so much fun playing together.

So Pretty!! Apparently while Greg and I were out golfing Axton discovered a hat he just had to wear so of course when we got home we just had to be shown!

I think the highlight of Axton's trip was being able to play with the tunnels and tents! He wasn't scared of it at all and took right to it. Maybe when we get a bigger place we buy him his own set, but then he probably won't like it as much.

Axton must have been worn out because he slept for half of the drive home which never happens. Going up, at his nap time, he slept maybe 45 minutes. Luckily he is pretty good as long as we have food to keep giving him.

We always love going to San Diego and spending time with the Leavitts. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for letting us crash unexpectedly and Melanie for giving up her room when she wasn't planning on it! We can't wait to come see you again.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Random Happenings

Axton loves sitting in things. Here he is sitting in our laundry basket (along with cousin Brooklynn) and also sitting in a box (that is full of golf balls but that doesn't phase him). I have to try and do my laundry whil ehe is sleeping because all he wants to do is throw the clothes out so he can sit in the basket and eventually expects a ride too. What kind of monster have we created! He has also started a new habit which is trying to wear everything on his head.

The other day he was crying from the get go so I had exhausted all my normal distractions for him. I decided to bust out some pudding and dyed it (using my cake icing!). He didn't realize so much that he was supposed to play with it and make a mess, instead he ended up eating it which is fine too, but it didn't last as long as I was hoping that way.