Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I was scheduled to find out what we are having next Monday, but we found out we might be out of town for a funeral (more to come on that later) so I rescheduled it. Greg leaves next week for a few days for work, and then we have a few days and then we take off for 10 days on a family vacation so I figured the easiest time to do it was this week, or not for about 3 weeks (and of course I'm too impatient to wait that long!). So we went to the doctor and here is our little bundle.
The baby was going to town with it's thumb, it better not get too attached because that is not allowed in this house!

I suppose the important part is that it looks healthy! Of course it was super active at the beginning while she was measuring things and then when it came time to see what it was it wouldn't move anymore. It tucked it's legs together in the fetal position and would barely budge. So one minute she would say it "MIGHT" be a girl and then the next she would say, "Well that looks like something there". So the verdict is that she refused to committ to either answer and its still basically 50/50 and since she couldn't see a few important things I get to go back in 2 or 4 weeks, when we can find the time. Ughhhh.... I just wanted to know!

I won't lie we were all a bit disappointed when she said it MIGHT be a girl. Axton about threw a fit insisting that its a boy. Even today when I asked him if he would still love it if its a girl he said, "Yes, but don't worry when it comes out its going to be a boy!" Love his faith, have to say I was thinking the same thing! So until the next ultrasound we are trying to wrap our minds around the fact that it might be a girl and that 3 more girls could be joining the Leavitt clan within a 5 week window. Guess I better get used to that fact that we might have 1 boy and a bunch of girls in this household (SCARY)!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Party Time

My baby has turned 1. Where has the time gone? This last year has gone by so fast and having her as an addition to the family has been such an easy transition. So this post is in honor of the birthday girl!

On her actual birthday which was Saturday we didn't do anything very exciting. Axton had his last t-ball game so we went to that. Then home for naps, and just lounged around and cleaned the house for her "birthday party" on Sunday.

Sunday we treated it more like her birthday. We had french toast for breakfast, blew up balloons for them to play with, hung the birthday sign, etc. Went to church and then afterwards it was time to get ready for all the family to come over. For dinner we had roast, potatoes, carrots, homemade rolls, salad, and of course birthday cake!

I couldn't decide what kind of cake to make for her so I finally settled on this care bear cake that I am pretty sure was used for me as a little girl. It turned out alright.

She loved being song too even if it was all off tune (thank you Leavitts)! But she had no idea what to do with the candle.

Have I mentioned that she is a very picky eater! She touched the frosting but didn't dare eat it until Greg finally forced some frosting into her mouth and she decided it didn't taste too bad.

Even then it still took her some time to really decide to go after it, but once she did she devoured it like it was going out of style. For once there was nothing left but crumbes and none of it was on the floor!

Also like a typical one year old she had no real interest in presents. She opened her first one by pulling out one tissue paper, putting it back in, and then walking away!

The next present she opened she kind of got the hang of it until she realized it was a toy. Once she spotted it she didn't want to open anymore presents, she just wanted to play with it.

Her last few presents were then opened up with the help of cousins! She really didn't care she just wanted the toys.

Needless to say today Axton is enjoying her toys more than she is, poor girl. Its rough having an older sibling take everything away from you!

She also went to the doctor today and got her least favorite present.... 4 shots. She did wonderfully for two, but the other two made her cry, luckily only for about a minute. She's a champ. She weighs a whole 19 lbs 1 oz and is in the 17%, her height is in the 95%, and her little head is in the 30%.

A few random fun facts I want to remember is:

1. She is a monkey. She can climb almost any obstacle in her way. She climbs the couch, our bed, chairs, etc. I predict she will be climbing out of her crib by the time the baby comes.
2. She, like Axton, has an evil laugh!
3. She loves to be chased and loves peak-a-boo more than any other baby I know.
4. If I sing to her she'll stop crying almost instantly.
5. She is a ridiculously picky eater! She'll eat tons of food if she likes it, but if she doesn't... over the high chair it goes. She'll make up her mind just by looking at it. You can't force her to try things either, unless it is like pure sugar. Even then she thrashes around and throws a fit.
6. She DOES NOT like men. Even her uncles that she is around she prefers it if they don't touch her. The second a man pays attention to her she starts to get all nervous and if they come near her or try to touch her she completely flips! She also has an age preference, any guy under about 20 is fine, but over that brings on her fits. On the flip side she'll go to just about any woman that is willing to pay attention to her.
7. Despite her lack of liking men, she LOVES her daddy. If he walks by without acknowledging her she lets him know! She follows him everywhere, loves to cuddle with him, and just be with him. Although she does have her days when only momma will do and even dad makes her flip out!
8. She loves her brother, she loves to be around him even when he is dragging her around the house. She loves the attention he gives her and he can make her laugh the most.
9. She loves exploring every nook and cranny of any place. She loves to open cabinets and climb inside if she can. She also loves emptying them. SHe loves the outdoors and all of it's hidden surprises.
10. She loves her warm water. She loves baths and showers, but would rather go exploring than sit in a pool.

Kenzington we love you and are so glad you came to our family, even if you did take your sweet ole time!