Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Live Below the Line

I'm a bzzagent and the next campaign I am involved in is Live Below the Line. The challenge is that from May 7th - 11th, individuals must use only $1.50 per day (per person) for food for 5 days. The goal is to bring to life the direct experiences of the 1.4 billion people currently living in extreme poverty and help to make real change.

I don't think this will be all that hard for me since I am going to make my family do it with me (since I do the shopping and cooking!) So with the 4 of us that's $6 a day or $30 for the 5 days. Truth be told that's not much less than we have for budgeted food anyways (I am going to donate to the cause the difference). We'll have to cut out any treats, make our own bread, limit our milk consumption, and eat pancakes, pb & j, and spaghetti everyday (semi-joking!).

The truth is $1.50 per person per day for food isn't that bad and in my opinion not living in "extreme poverty", otherwise I would be considered "poverty" level based on my food budget. However Live Below the Line acknowledges this and points out that "the $1.50 figure represents the amount someone living in extreme poverty in the U.S. would have to live on and that for most of the 1.4 billion living in "extreme poverty" the $1.50 doesn't cover JUST food, like it will for us, but also health, housing, transport, food, education, etc."

We americans really are spoiled!

So if you want to get involved you can go to and sign up yourself for the challenge (and to raise money). Or if you'd rather just help me out you can go to and donate some cold hard cash! Yeah don't mock my pathetic fundraising goal (I hate raising money!).

Well look forward to my follow up post in a month to see if we were successful!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What did I do today?

Sometimes I dread this question when Greg gets home. Especially on days like today. I feel like my house is a disaster that I can never stay on top of. I know many of you have homes that are always visitor ready, but I don't! It's not a habit I have mastered despite some great attempts. I try but often find some part of my house is a wreck at all times, usually our office. I would rather go see someone, go to the park or swimming, snuggle with the kiddos, read a book, bake, etc, than clean the house. So if I get the chance to procrastinate I usually do! So I have been wanting to find cleaning charts and suggestions that I feel like I can actually be successful with.

So today I decided I would spend an hour (or the entire day!) looking at different peoples charts, and online tools. After some awesome websites with lots of info I decided to make my own with the things I know I want to accomplish daily. The best websites I found were which is linked to They were the starting point for my slighlty obsessed list. Then on to the creation. I love PSE but I could play on it all day long and finish nothing, which was part of my problem. So here is my finished result, that I am quite proud of, only now I wish had spent more time and embelished it more, hmmm, maybe I still will?!

So now we know what I did, and didn't do, today, what did you do?!

Ok I couldn't resist adding some embellishments to it so here is my final picture.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter (1 of 2)

Most of Greg's family came up Conference weekend to meet the "soon-to-be" new addition to our family. We all got to go to Ashley's parents house that Saturday afternoon so everyone could get to know each other. They were great hosts and even threw a little easter egg hunt into the mix for the kiddos. Unfortunately I didn't get the greatest pics since the baby was having a melt down and Axton's bag broke leading him to an almost melt down. So here is what I do have.

Brooklynn and Daniela finding eggs on the playhouse.

Talia (don't mind her too large swimsuit!)

Vanessa afraid someone might take the egg she spotted!

Axton showing me his broken bag (which led to his cousins taking some of his lost goods and meltdown!) Luckily when it was said and done his cousins where sweet enough to give him some of theirs since he only ended up with about 5 eggs.

Trying to get all of the Leavitt grandkids to smile at the same!

Axton had been begging me to make sugar cookies and cake pops for several months so I kept telling him I would for easter. Well easter approached before I was ready. So I was in a mad dash to get all the ingredients Thursday night. I made the cake Thursday, baked the cookies bright and early Friday since we were headed to the zoo. When we got back from the zoo I convinced G-ma Leavitt to help us frost them.

Later that night I was tired and didn't want to do the cake pops but Axton really wanted them so we started. I personally think they look like the ravaging rabbids game characters but this is what you get when you don't prepare a head of time and then can't find the ingredients you want. They tasted better than they look though if I may say so myself (and I don't like cake!).