Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Addition

Since another baby doesn't seem to be in the cards for us right now we decided to add a different kind of addition to our family. We adopted a dog!!! Yesterday we went to Pet Mart just for something to do and found out that every Saturday a bunch of dogs and cats are brought in to be adopted. We had been talking about getting a dog since before we moved into our house so we had decided we wanted a lab. But we never got around to it. So this was a good chance for us to come see some puppies and see how Axton liked them and maybe find one to get.

Well we didn't get a lab but we got a sweet heart, and now that I'm blogging about it Greg can't give her back!! She is a 13 week old Shephard/Heeler mix and is so adorable. Her previous owners had brought her in to Pet Mart about an hour before we got there. They live in an apartment and the lady was 6 months pregnant and just couldn't handle it all.

She definitely isn't used to big spaces and is a little skittish still but is warming up. I don't think she got to play a whole lot and she is very mild. For most people this would be a good thing but for us we wanted a hyper dog. Axton loves to be chased by dogs and then knocked down, followed by lots of dog kisses (thanks to Roger and his 2 dogs we know that!!!). He just thinks that is the funniest and best thing in the world. Pheobe (her previous name that we'll more than likely be changing, so any suggestions are welcome!!) is just so mild that Axton actually keeps crying because she WON'T chase him. The whole point in getting a dog was so that Axton would play with it and be in heaven.

She wouldn't even eat the dog treats (or goldfish so kindly given by Axton) or play with her toys!! We have 2 weeks to decided if we want to keep her or not. We're hoping that in the next few days she will adjust and get her playful puppy senses back!!! Either way I think she has won my heart over already and if we need a more hyper dog then Greg will just have to have two!!

Axton is very much in love with her, as long as she comes around and knocks him over!! Axton loves holding her like she's a baby and gets so mad when she gets out of his lap!!!

Playing in the backyard like nothing has happened and it's just meant to be.

Small example of how Axton plans to play with her if she comes around.

She piddled what do you expect of a puppy!! Looks like I get to potty train twice, maybe when it's Axton's turn I will have learned something!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Repeat Experience

Apparently scorpions love me!

Yesterday afternoon Axton was playing by our sliding glass door and he started crying. He was pointing to his knee and it was turning red but I thought he hit it on the door frame or something so I looked in the area to see what else it could be. I didn't see anything so I bent down and kissed his knee better. Then I placed my hand on the carpet to help stand up and ...... I got stung in the same stinking hand as before.

So Axton and I have both gotten to experience this wonder event. He is a champ though. I told myself that if he got stung I would be taking him to the ER to get the antivenom because of how bad it hurt me the first time. However this little scorpion didn't hurt anywhere near as bad as the first, maybe because I only got stung once instead of 3-4 times. Axton only cried for about a minute and to be honest he cries a lot harder when we tell him no than he did with being stung. I was very impressed. He let us put a cold compress on it and then he took a nap like usual, which according to poison control is a great thing. So poison control called us about 4 times over 6 hours to make sure we were doing ok and we were. Despite the numbness now it's wasn't so bad. It doesn't seem to have phased Axton at all which I am so grateful for. Now Greg just needs to experience the joys of this! Be grateful everyone that doesn't have scorpions sneaking into their houses! I am really hoping they will disappear now that we have sprayed and killed all their food.