Thursday, May 17, 2012

All things Kenzington

Poor Kenzington is definitely suffering from second child syndrome when it comes to the blog! At least we take pictures of her, but I haven't been very good at documenting her life or giving her the appropriate shout outs. So this is all in her honor!

Family Photos in April:

Kenz has turned 9 months old and I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. We went to the doctor today and her stats are: weight 16 lb 8 oz (10%), head is 16 3/4 in (12%), and height is 28 1/2 in (75%). She is tall and skinny!

She is my little overachiever too! At 3 months she was rolling, by 5 she was full out crawling, 7 she was pulling up on everything, and now at 9 months she stands up all by herself and has even take a few steps by herself on several occasions. I think it's just a matter of weeks before she's off and running. She says dada and mama (although I know she has no clue what those mean!) When ever you see her she has her tongue sticking out or some random toy shoved in her mouth while she crawls around. She still doesn't have a single tooth which is shocking to me. Her hair is finally coming in quite nicely (yes that's important to me, no 2 year old bald babies for us!).

This girl has become the easiest baby ever! We thought Axton was easy, how did we get so lucky with both of them?! I hope she stays easy forever! She has always been pretty good at sleeping, she would sleep through the night starting at 2 months, but before that she would just eat and go right down. She would have a week here and there that were difficult because she'd wake up more often but since she was 4 months (and we haven't traveled since then) she has slept through the night 95% of the time. Now that she is on a bottle (for the last month) and I'm no longer starving her she is happy to just hang out by herself. She'll wonder where ever she wants to and come find me if she wants me.

She gets really mad when Greg gets home if he walks right past her and doesn't give her attention. She's like a mad woman chasing him down screaming the whole way! It's the cutest thing ever and I love that both kiddos are attached to their daddy! She doesn't particularly care for men, but she's rarely around "strange" men. She'll go to just about any woman though, especially once she's been around them for a while. I think she took to Aunt Ashley (well soon to be!) the fastest.

Lets see what else can I share about this amazing little girl! She is such a joy in my life and reminds me to slow down and enjoy the craziness. She also helps me to be a better parent to Axton. Since there is no point yelling at a baby, she reminds me that there really is no point in yelling at a 4 year old! She reminds me that they both are learning so many new things all the time that I need to sit down with both and sing songs, read books, and just play with them!

So far when it comes to food she'll eat anything I give her, but she is hard to feed. She loves to feed herself so when I try to feed her it's a disaster with her trying to grab the spoon or shutting her mouth. So her diet consists of a lot of cheerios, banana chunks, yogurt bites, raisins, bits of egg, the fruit puff things, and veggie puffs. If I mix those things together on her tray she will pick out all of the yogurt bites first, then all of the fruit puffs, and then settle for the rest if I don't give in and give her more of the others. If I want to feed her there can't be anything with in her grasp or view to side track her.

She loves to be thrown in the air but if she gets to high she closes her eyes on the way back down! She loves to play with Axton, despite how rough he can get with her. She is still stingy with her laughs when it comes to adults but gives them freely to other kids. She likes to be swung back and forth like a pendulum and that gets the most laughs out of her. She hates swimming pools unless she is able to stand on a step and climb out. Maybe as it gets warmer she'll enjoy it more. She loves blankets. Anytime she finds one has to lay on it and rub her head against it!

And she always has a red nose, like the one of her in the dress that my mom made for her!

And one last things, she loves to get driven around by her older brother!

I love this girl to death. I want to keep her my baby forever! It's going by way too fast.