Tuesday, May 12, 2009

San Diego 1/2 Marathon

Greg was crazy enough to try and run a 1/2 marathon. The craziest part is that he hardly even trained for it. His training consisted of running 4 times (leaving himself a month to relax before the race). He didn't do too bad given his lack of training. He ran it in about 2 hours 16ish minutes. He thinks he might do it again someday so we'll see if he decides to train for it next time. It gave us a good excuse to visit San Diego and that's all that really matters.

Unfortunatley we couldn't find our camera so I had to "borrow" this picture from Corina's blog!

In the picture: Greg, Brad (his brother), Dan Lemon (in our ward), Katie (Greg;s sister), Monica (Brad's sister-in-law), and Victoria Lemon.