Sunday, September 18, 2011

Axton turned 4!

Axton turned 4 on Saturday (Sept 17)! He got to pull an "Aunt Katie" and make his birthday last almost a week. On his birthday he got to wake up and open presents.

I was too tired to put the presents away after wrapping them so I "hid" them with the blanket incase he woke up before us. Not that he didn't figure out right away what was under it!

Always excited for more cars

Love this face!

Then he got to play with them while mom slept. During that time he also got to pick what he wanted for breakfast and surprise surprise he picked donuts, so him and Dad went to Albertsons to buy donuts. Then he got to play with his toys again, we went swimming, he got to pick what he wanted for lunch, again no surprise he picked McDonald's. Then it was family nap time! After naps we took him for ice cream. The rest of the night was spent playing games that he got for his birthday. He got a couple of games, puzzles, movies, and a remote control car! He was spoiled!

Sunday all of his cousins came over and we had tacos and cake. I tried to talk him into a different cake than last year, but his heart was still set on Lightning Mcqueen so I made him one again this year.

Monday he got to take cupcakes to school and have a tiny celebration there too. I hope he doesn't think he gets to do this every year.

Maybe next year though he'll actually get a birthday party, I was just too tired and busy with the new addition that I barely managed to invite family over for it!

Axton we love you and all the fun you bring to our family. You have been a great big brother so far, and a relatively easy child to raise. You make us laugh daily and we love spending time with you whether it's reading books, doing puzzles, talking, or just cuddling. Happy Birthday and here's a look back at the past!


1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

Friday, September 9, 2011


Given our fertility issues I went into this pregnancy knowing it could be my last, but hoping it wouldn't be. I tried to enjoy it as much as I could and not complain too much. Then we had her and I found out that there was a real chance of her being our last, but thankfully things worked out and we at least have a shot at having more, God willing.

I knew having two kids would be an adjustment but having another baby in our home has changed me in a way I didn't expect. Despite being tired and not getting anything done (and her crying a lot!) I am actually more patient and happy than I've been in a while.

I can't seem to get enough cuddle time with either of my children. I give (and get) so many more hugs and kisses. I've been forced to slow down and just learn to enjoy my children doing things at their pace instead of the crazy world pace I've gotten used to. I look forward to playing endless rounds of Candyland, and attempting to answer all the questions Axton has these days, even if his many questions are about my boobs right now! I look for things Axton and I can do together. I've started reading books to both kids again, and singing songs to and with them. I am truely enjoying being a mother to two kids and if you asked me today if I was ready for more I would say yes, only can I please skip the bad parts of pregnancy and just have another one delivered in 9 months!

My heart is full these days and I feel like I am accomplishing what God wants me too, even if my house is a wreck, I haven't showered, and I have a headache from all the crying! I have a renewed love for my children and Greg, and a greater appreciation for our parents, extended family, and friends. I'm so grateful that we have been blessed with two precious souls to raise, teach, and love; and that Greg and I are able to do it together. I hope we are blessed with more. This is really what life is all about for me and I'm loving it. Thank you Greg for working hard so that I can stay home all the time with our sweet children, it really is a blessing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well Kenzington joining our family was definitely the change I was wanting and boy is having two kids time consuming! My days go by so fast that I feel like I am getting nothing done. So here is a post in hopes that I'll feel like I accomplished something, although there are a hundred other things I should be doing, like sleeping!

We have had guests like crazy since Kenzington joined us but we are finally on our own, and I'm getting thrown back into the real world big time. But here are some highlights from the first weekend, as in we had gotten home the day before!

Greg's mom was here already when Kenzington decided to join us and so she got to stay with us for 10 days. She was a life saver since she is a morning person and would get up with Axton and take him to school for me, then they'd go play with cousins after school, and come home for nap time and the rest of the evening. It was heavenly since Kenzington was still sleeping a lot and then I didn't have to worry about Axton at all.

Greg's dad was able to come up the two weekends after Kenzington was born. The first time he came up he brought Aunt Katie and Uncle Spencer with him, the second time he brought the "adopted" son Thomas.

Katie and Spencer

On Saturday EVERYONE came over. It was a mad house and I think I am still recovering from it! But we were able to get a picture of most of the Leavitt grandkids, only missing Camille (UT) and Kenzington (who was asleep)!

Doggy pile on Spencer

Seeing who could jump the highest

Trying to dodge flying pillows (good thing I am wanting to recover them when I find a fabric I like since they got torn to shreds).

Grandma chasing them

Dancing with Aunt Katie

Overall the weekend went well and I think everyone had a good time.