Thursday, July 29, 2010

More of our Trip

Monday all of us piled into our many cars for the main part of our vacation. The Hartman's own a timeshare so we all got our own cabins at Shenandoah Crossing. It was so much fun! We had 6 cabins and they were all right by each other so we were able to hangout the vast majority of the time.

They have several swimming pools at the resort so needless to say we ended up there twice a day. Especially when we realized swimming at night was so much more fun, no sun, no sunscreen, no burning!

Tiffany brought an extra tube and let Axton use it the whole time we were there! And pink is his favorite color (not really but he's quite used to it with all of his girl cousins and girl friends). It was such a lifesaver. Everytime before when we've tried to get him to use one he refused and would throw a fit but with all of the other kids using them he jumped on the band wagon! It didn't take him long to realize he could do whatever he wanted as long as he had it on. He learned to jump in all by himself with no one there to catch him and also how to balance it so he could swim. It was one of the best swimming experiences we had experienced. I love that he is getting older and more independant.

They also host special events such as the horseshoe tournament. Greg was so excited to play in it. I love his form and the looks on his face. I guess his technique paid off because he got first and won 3 free rounds of pool.

Other activites we did that I didn't get any pictures of were volleyball (the ball was so hard that I hit it wrong on my thumb and it swelled and turned blue and purple that night and looked like one giant bruise for a week!), basketball, tennis, mini golf, regular golf, horseback riding, and the one that I'm sad I didn't get a picture of was the life size chess board. They also had some arcade rooms and arts and crafts but we didn't do any of those.

Well I'm out of time so more to come on the next post.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

East Coast

We were invited on a family vacation with a family from Greg's mission, the Hartman's. One of their sons and his family couldn't make it because his wife was due a week or so after the vaction and therefor couldn't fly. Lucky us!

We left on Friday, and it was about a 4 hour flight so we brought the dvd player. I read my book while the boys watched a little Lightning Mcqueen.

We made it to our destination around 2am eastern time. Then at 6, Axton and Greg were up and ready for the day. I cherish my sleep a little more than that so they let me keep sleeping for another hour. The Hartman's had a different family reunion to go to on Saturday so we drove around and saw people from Greg's mission days. Our first stop was to Lee and Courtney Schriever. Lee works for his dad on their dairy farm so we took Axton to see the cows. He wasn't really interested in them but he was eyeing the 4-wheelers so Greg took him for a ride. I think it was the first time he wasn't scared when he actually got on it. He loves to look at them and sit on them but as soon as they start going he tends to get a little nervous and whiny. But this time he couldn't get enough of it.

Then we were off to the local gunstore to see the Hendershot's. Greg seems to think he's going to buy a handgun in the near future. Maybe if our a/c in his car hadn't broke on the way to the airport, costing us $800 to fix when we got home, it might have been a little more a possibility.

After the gun store we decided to get something to eat and took it down to the Potomac River for a picnic. Everything in Pennsylvania was green and there are soooo many trees.

When the Hartman's got back from their reunion we hungout with them that night. Axton learned how to get on and off their trampoline all by himself. Some of their grandkids, and Axton, jumping.

I didn't get any pictures because I was took busy playing, but they got a group of people together and we went and played volleyball at the church. It took me a while to get over my shyness and the fact that I hadn't played volleyball in years but when I did finally join in it was a blast. I'm really glad I didn't stay on the sidelines. Axton was a trooper. Him and some of the other kids played in the nursery pretty much the whole time. He ended up being the last kiddo there around 11pm and he was still being so good even though he was really tired. I really am blessed with such an easy going child. I guess if we're only going to have one at least we got a good one.

Sunday was the usual, go to church see more people and then back to the Hartman's for more fun and talking. Mika brought over his shaved ice machine and made them for everyone. Axton decided he wanted blue raspberry, his mama's favorite. But like his mama his mouth turns colors ridiculously easy, I've learned to go for anything red! Within ONE bite his mouth was BLUE BLUE BLUE! And like his Daddy, he can't stop at having just one!

After the shaved ice, one of the Schrievers brought a parachute thing out. It was the first time Axton had ever seen one, I hadn't even seen one since middle school. It didn't take him long to figure it out and would run under it every chance he got. Greg of course had to show him where the hole in the center was.

Axton also discovered dirt! He made a slide down the hill where they had dirt instead of grass. And of course Greg had to get in on the action too. Unfortunately Axton's slide drew the attention of the other kids who's parents weren't so thrilled to have their kids get dirty since they were still in their Sunday clothes.

Greg had also bought some fireworks on Saturday so the kids got to play with sparklers while the big boys played with the bottle rockets and other loud fireworks. They put on quite the show but it was Mika and not Greg who was the crazy one by holding them until right before they went off and even sticking one on top of his head. You'd think the bishop would be a little smarter than that!!! :)

After that it was off to bed since we were all going to the Shenedoah Resort the next morning.