Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Na nights....

Axton is a little sponge who picks up things without us even knowing it. I don't know who he learned this from since we both do it with random things but a few nights ago he started doing it as part of his naptime and bedtime routines. I love his little voice!

I am not even going to attempt to get caught up on our blog. I am just going to start fresh and be glad that I finally got around to doing it. Because our office computer doesn't have a place for us to put our memory card into it to download the photos we had to download them to our other computer (that runs our tv in the living room) and then put them on a jump drive and transfer them. Which then requires me to remember which ones I downloaded and which ones still needed to be without accidentally deleting some altogether. So I finally have all my photos on one computer which took a few hours to accomplish and now I have to sort through them to find all the duplicates and anyways.... that's why I'm starting from today's pictures! But we now have a cord (or at least I discovered it now!) to take the pictures from our camera to our computer without even messing with the memory card. Now that you are all thoroughly bored with this post and are probably grateful I haven't been posting very much we'll move on to the pictures.

What happens when Greg leaves me home on Saturday's alone with 3 children (I was watching my neice and nephew)? I get an itch for some change. I love change and I have a perfect guinea pig at my finger tips. Greg had once mentioned shaving off Axton's hair. I don't think it was meant to be taken serious but it's what happens when I get bored! So Axton got a buzz cut and I learned a few things. He is super ticklish around his ears, he's two and doesn't sit still for anything let alone being my guinea pig, don't do it with another 2 year old watching because she then was very mad at me for not cutting her hair too (but one day she'll thank me!), and blonde boys look a little scary with buzzed hair (or at least mine does)....

Oh well you live and learn. I won't be cutting it that short again for a very long time, especially since I was told I did a crappy job! Hey I tried and it was free. It'll grow back and at this age who cares? And when Greg got home he was a bit surprised even though I had warned him.

On another note, Axton has also hit the stage of pretending. He now thinks his dog needs food and water... or milk. Doggie (or Boof as he's sometimes called) also has to be given hugs and kisses and tucked into bed. I love watching this kid grow up!