Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This last weekend the boyscouts in our ward and neighborhood held a fundraiser. Since Greg is in scouts now he had to go early to help set up so we went with him. Axton loved it because he got to be one of the first on all of the toys and the ride.

While setting up the Sherwood's were there with their ranger and Axton got to go for a long ride with Greg. A ton of people around here have these cool off road vehicles and whenever Axton sees one he gets so excited. So he finally got his dream come true. Axton has found some new buddies thanks to the Sherwoods. We had them over a couple of weeks ago for dinner and ever since Axton loves to hangout with them. They are a wonderful family and we hope to do more with them in the future!!

They rented a blow up slide (Stratton Sherwood took him down the first few times) and two bounce houses.

They also had a train ride. Gavin Sherwood took Axton on the train ride which Axton loved. Had I taken him I think he would have flipped out. Then he went later with just him and Brooklynn (they are getting so big!). Yes all of his cousins came and joined in on the fun!

And lots of fun little games. They had Plinko (not a very good picture), a fishing pond, a water shooting game, bowling, football toss, and many others of which I didn't get any pictures because I'm a slacker.

Daniela and Vanessa's turn to shoot

Plenty of cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and other junk food. Plus our ward's infamous silent auction, and a live one too! There were all sorts of goodies but I kept getting out bid on the papers and by the time it closed (and we were ready to head home for naps) I ended up with only one auction item. I think Greg was glad though, I'd buy everything if I could and he'd be poor! I ended up "winning" an Easter Basket. I should have taken a picture before I disassembled it but I was to excited to see all of the goodies inside. We got cake and cookie mixes, frosting, cupcake paper liners, toothpicks with adorable easter papers glued on them, a bucket of cookie cutters, a huge container of different kinds of sprinkles, a chocolate pretzel kit with easter molds, and an easter egg dying kit. We've already made the cookies (pictures to come), and the pretzels will probably be made today. We're dying the eggs on Thursday or Friday, and the cupcakes, well.... we have enough goodies for now(especially with the easter bunny coming this weekend) so maybe in a month or two. I'm so glad we won this basket though, it's created hours of fun and some yummy treats! I'd say the fundraiser was a huge hit for us and we can't wait for the next one!


My parents and g-pa came to stay with us last weekend. It was the first time any of them had seen our home (we've been here for a year!). We went swimming on Friday which was cold, and the pool doesn't allow cameras so no photos. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory which was a 1st for me and I have been craving key lime cheesecake ever since.

Then Saturday we went to the Phx Zoo which was perfect in size for us. We were all quite the site I'm sure. Greg and I where in charge of pushing my g-pa[he's breaking down:)] and stepdad(who has a broken foot) around in wheelchairs. My mom was left to push Axton in the stroller. Luckily it is pretty flat or else I would have died! But it was a great workout! We forgot our cameras again (imagine that, I now carry it in my purse at all times) so the only pictures we have are from Greg's phone.

The Phx Zoo is rated one of the top ones for kid friendliness and I would imagine this is due to the petting zoo and huge playground they have there. You can "milk a cow" or "ride" tractors, plus all of the normal park playground toys. They also have a building that has toys so you can stop and take a breather if you want to while the kiddos play to their hearts content. We got a year pass so I have a feeling we'll be going there at least monthly. Maybe after summer ends (gotta love Phx weather) I'll take Axton there every other week just for something to do.

In all though it was great to have visitors and we even had beds for all of them to sleep in!! We officially have a guest queen size bed, and Axton has graduated into a BIG BOY BED!!!! so we had a twin bed for my g-pa while Axton enjoyed his last few nights of being caged in, another post to come!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Mesa was having a little Rodeo, I think it is put together by a ward or stake in Mesa but I could be wrong. They do it behind an LDS church so that's why I assumed that. Our friend, Jon (who also happens to be Axton's fabulous pediatrician), told Greg about it so we decided that it would be a nice change for our otherwise boring, house-project filled Saturday. The highlight.... the "petting zoo" of course. They had a cow, chickens, goats, and a turtle. They also had pony rides but that line was ridiculous and I don't think Axton would have gone by himself either, he's funny like that when it comes to animals. He loves them from a safe distance.

Greg caught one of the chickens and tried to make Axton hold it, he made sure he kept his distance though, it was hard to tell which one was the real chicken!

Greg found the love of his life! Axton wouldn't touch it but enjoyed examining it from a far.

We didn't stay long for the actual "Rodeo" part, it was packed with no where to sit, but proof that we saw some horses.

They did a chicken run too where all the kids got to chase baby chickens around the field and if you caught one you got to keep it. We left before that, much to Greg's disappointment! He really wanted one, me- we've been there done that already in our short married life and some of you might remember that tragic ending those chickens came to! Maybe next year.

A random picture of Axton and his cousin Brooklynn. Who knew 3D glasses would be so fun.

Coupons should be illegal... but I'm sure glad they aren't!

I know I know, not another coupon post. Sorry can't help it, I'm addicted and in a way I feel like it's my job!

I got 10 boxes of cereal (mostly honey bunches of oat, but a couple boxes of sugar cereal too), 3 bottles of salad dressing (completely free so I could branch out on new flavors), 2 bags of dole salads, strawberries, and 5 boxes of gushers (not pictured cause I had already put them away and forgot about them, and I made $1.50 by "buying" them with the catalina coupon I received).

Grand total: 9.09. Saved $66.25, 89%. Not to shabby.

But what makes it better? I got two catalina coupons back totalling $7.50 that are good for my next shopping trip! So if you include that I got all of that for $1.59. Not bad for a 1/2 hour of work!

I'll be going back one more time on Tuesday to get more cereal, and probably fruit snacks, not that we really need those but when they are next to nothing (or in today's case a money maker) who can resist?!