Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cortina School Carnival

The last 2 years we have always had some thing else going on the night of the school carnival and this year Greg ended up going out of town. So I decided to try and brave it by myself with the 3 kids. I am really glad we did too because it was a lot of fun! It went from 5-9 and we ended up staying almost the entire time.
They had the blow up obstacle course

Inflatable rock wall that Axton loved since he has been practicing at the gym. 

And I was impressed that they had legitimate rides! I was only sad that Greg wasn't there to have fun with us, and also so I could go on the rides with Axton! 

And of course the girls were too little to do anything but they are troopers, especially Kenzington. She is so great at watching Axton have fun and waiting (Disneyland, Legoland, carnivals, etc). Some she'll get in on the action too. But until then we'll just keep her happy with cupcakes!

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